Prepairing For Tyrannis

While Tyrannis was technically released a few weeks back, it truely does not come out until June 8th, when all the PI modules are actually seeded and made available. One cool thing is that CCP did give us the skills  to prepair for it 🙂

I’ve spent the last two weeks logged into SiSi, and ONLY SiSi, that’s right… No live server, just test server (for the most part). The only time I left SiSi was to either update a skill or check in with corpmates. I logged into Tranquility for the first time today and stayed logged in for a while, told some corpmates why I haven’t been on Eve much, and that in reality I’ve been on quite a lot, just not on the live servers. Some seemed to wonder why I’ve spent so much time setting up things on SiSi when they won’t really do me any good, while at the same time, asking me questions about how it all worked… lol… Seemed to nullify their question of “why are you on SiSi doing it?”. That reason is percicely the cause of me going over to SiSi. I got to actually do my entire product line, POS setup, and manufacturing rate of all the products P1-P4,  quantity and calculations, planet needs and etc. Thanks to SiSi I’ve created and fine-tuned my colonies BEFORE I go live and screw up my colonies or get lost trying to find which planets I’d need, and if I need more than 1 of any (CC powergrid/CPU overloads).

I’ve gotten an excellent grasp of which P1’s I need tons of, which ones I need little amounts of and the best way to move them around. It’s actually quite simple to do right in our home system in nullsec. Thanks to us having all 6 types in 2 systems. I initially ran into some issues where I was hardly producing stuff I needed (BioFuels for one), so I up’d the pace, then I had others (oxygen, Bacteria, carbon compounds) I got too many of (100k’s). So thanks to this SiSi experiment I can take my colonies and adjustments to Tranquility and make things a lot more well-balanced.

I finally got around to purchasing a Prorator as well, Amarr cloaky transport and a handfull of GSC’s. Mainly for none-PI related stuff, just every-day nullsec hauling. I’ve been meaning to pick one up for a while. All-in-all: I’m quite excited and can’t wait until I actually get to play out what I’ve been testing in SiSi. And who knows, maybe those resources i had too many of, could get me some nice isk. lol.


~ by katsumi1980 on June 6, 2010.

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