Quite The Busy Day

Today our alliance was packed full of people traveling from/to Nullsec>highsec, transporting the PI Command Centers, running back and forth between our systems in 0.0, checking out planets, getting situated, and of course: A never-ending stream of “how does this work?” “how do you…”, “I can’t figure out…”, type questions… Some are confused, some seem like they’re at a loss, but I think the majority who have studied up a little (Hey, we had two weeks!) are getting the hang of PI, colonies, and PI chains. Those who aren’t following, I’m sure will get the hang of it. Our space was full of chatter, excitement, questions, and curiosity. Haulers flying every which way, it seemed no matter where you went in our nullsec area(s) you’d see a hauler. It’s been quite fun! I’ve managed to mimic my SiSi production line, and get it running in a few hours. I had to make 51 trips from highsec to nullsec in my T3, then back to highsec from null (51 more jumps), then carry a final load of CC’s back from highsec to nullsec (51, MORE jumps).

Finally I got all my stuff together and got to laying out my colony. Too bad today wasn’t yesterday where it seemed we had highsec>nullsec wormholes all day, but eh, can’t be lucky all the time. On the bright side: my Tranquility skills are much higher than they were on SiSi. I can’t wait to see what all comes from this, and what the prices of PI goods will be once they get a chance to be built-up a bit.


~ by katsumi1980 on June 8, 2010.

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