Why I Believe Nullsec Miners Should Never Die

I only have had my alt join the Corp in mining for personal profit for 1.5 hours, still, it was a lot of fun! All other times have been mining for alliace and Corp. I volenteered to give 100% of my ore to help out. I’m sure my readers know I live in deep nullsec. Over 16 from any npc station.
I spend most of my time ratting, though I am now going to use my alt to dedicated mining and PI. Today I got a c5>C3>highsec route! Rushed out my alts PI stuff to make 10mill. Took her mining ore out for 8mill, not bad for 1.5 hours worth! She has made her first profits by herself, no help or need to xfer iskies from my main.
Throughout my life in nullsec I’ve watched, cleared rats for, and just listened to alliance chatter from our alliance Miners out here. Now the title of this post is something I firmely believe: as a miner in null, you have no, NO excuse to EVER die, unlike highsec or lowsec. Why? Because in highsec you are surrounded by nuets and ppl you don’t know, you can always be ganked or can flipped! In 0.0: the only time you should be out and about in your mining ship should be when the sys is blue. If nuets come or reds, and you’re sitting in a grav belt mining, or worse: normal astriod belt, you are just asking for trouble. Most our miners only loose ships for their own stupid mistakes, and never go out when danger is around.
My alt gets a covetor in 13d 22hours, and then is 3 days from a hulk! I’m quite excited and can’t wait to see how much more she’ll make. Kat finally finished large beam laser specialization! Now time for motion prediction v for the pulse lasers, can’t wait to give ’em a try!


~ by katsumi1980 on June 13, 2010.

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