PI Management Offline for a few days.

So after some tweeking on my planets, again and again (and more to come for sure), I now have extractors all feeding my storage containers, and storage feeding Processors, Processors feeding launchpads. This seems to work very well so far. From a management point of view and not wanting to always log in and spend time over and over re-activating extractors. what happens is my storage units all fill to the brim, maxed out with goods, and slowly feed the processors. Then the processors slowly eat away at the over-stocked materials, this takes days. The Processors dump into the launchpads slowly, which gets me a nice continious flow of product. What this means is I can do work once or twice every week, and then once storage is full, no more worry about “my extractor runs out in 30 minutes! Gotta go manage my planet!” because everything’s done for days. All I gotta do is go out and feed my production planet a few times a day, usually twice a day, sometimes once a day and keep my high-end processors fed via launchpad. I find it works well for me with a whole lot less effort, yet my production in end-product (nanite paste) has more than doubled while all resources remain maxed out for long periods. Yay for no more micro-managing!


~ by katsumi1980 on June 14, 2010.

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