Tonight’s PVP Roam

Lately we’ve had a bit of activity, some corp members got 7-8, maybe 9 kills in a day. Which is unusual in our sys because it’s dead quiet in our nullsec. Usually blue’s for as far as you can see, or empty space. Of course this means the last 3 times I’ve attempted to go to Highsec, there’s been a camp, bubble and ‘dictor to catch and kill me, lol. Sending me 11 jumps back to the outpost where my clone is at. So tonight 3 of us are online and bored. So we throw together a fleet, and go out. Since I’ve had some action while trying to get to highsec, i’m thinking “yeah, we’ll find something!”. But of course: we’re LOOKING for pvp in nullsec. Which means all systems are blue, and the ones that are not, are empty. After an hour or so of jumping around, we finally find one single domi! We jump out of sys as he shows up on directional, and wait for him to follow. He jumps in, and engage. Our dramiel pilot, raptor, and myself in an arby attack his drones, which were T2 large’s. I’m nueting him as well, but unable to keep within range as the domi turns on smart bombs. Our dram. pilot goes down. Then the raptor, and finally myself. We killed 4 of his drones, and he got none of our pods. It was a good fight.

Why does it always seem when you wanna just go out, or to highsec: systems are always full. Yet when we get fleet up, there’s almost no pvp to be found. lol. Fun times though, fun times. My Arby’s insurance expired tomorrow, so i was  hoping to blow it up :-p


~ by katsumi1980 on June 18, 2010.

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