AT8 V.S. Real-Life Everyday TQ PVP

AT8 was the first alliance tournament I have ever tuned into, thanks to Youtube. I had watched the old clips from past tournaments and found it VERY interesting and entertaining, and educational for pvp. SO: I had to watch AT8 live and experience it! I’m glad I tuned in, there were some great matches and great tactics that I’ve never really seen put into use in real pvp out there… At least not by our blues, or our corp ourselves. It got me to thinking: “Why not treat every little roam like a small tournament setup?”. The purifier and other bomb teams that were out there did GREAT! this is one our alliance (We rent from Atlas) have all set up already. Many of us bomber pilots have many bookmarks all around the gate, each one of us is set up in a different area out of range of the other guy. It took some coordination, but if we get unwanted visitors: we can all warp to our cloaked formations around various system gates, prepped to launch. Complete with matching ammo types.

Some really impressive things I’ve seen on this, and past alliance tournaments is the use of logistical ships from all races. And they’re support via repair drones on the pew pew guys. Even the announcers said that “on TQ if I do this, I get primaried and die”. It’s no secret that the logistical pilot of an opposing team, especially if he’s super efficient will be your primary target and the one you’d want to take out. So: How come we don’t pack more rep drones when we go out into real-world (Err.. I mean Eve Online) PVP to support the one guy who’s keeping us all alive so we can keep pew pew-ing in our expensive, faction pvp ships? I think in our next pvp op I’m going to ask who has some of these to take along. I mean: Living longer means more dps, right? Though most of the time you want max dps, which means people would rather have the logistical ship by himself, and everyone else with combat drones.

I’d love to see a lot of these tactics I watched in AT8 played out in day-to-day PVP. Most all of our PVP is done on a spare of the moment basis. Someone gets bored, we get all bored and throw together a rag-doll team of ships and 2-3 pilots. Sometimes we max out at 5 for our ops. Go out “Lets go get killed!”, and… well… yeah: we usually die. But not before killing a few ships. Oddly: A lot of our solo pilots go out and get some insane solo kills. I don’t think it’s our pilots themselves, since their personal records are great. But our fleet ops more often than not mean we’re all gonna die. One exception: Gatecamps. We have that pinned down to a science, lol. I’m getting tired of our “vent” excuse where we blame everything on vent at times, or on the pilots that don’t have vent, because the FC didn’t want to broadcast fleet targets in Eve.

Anyways: watching the tournament was exciting and I hope those of us who watched will try and play out some of the tactics seen put to use in every-day pvp when doing small roaming gangs…


~ by katsumi1980 on June 21, 2010.

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