Well I’ve had my adventure for the day!

So today I log in and find we have yet again got another nullsec to highsec wormhole. Third time this week! So I decide not to be lazy this time and use my bestower and alts iteron ii to move my 120km3 ore. Yep: that’s a lot of trips! More so: the highsec is 11 from Amarr. After a bunch of flights back and forth, I finally finish! For the trip BACK I pick up equipment for my alt including: deep core mining skillbook, exhumers, covetor, 3x modulated deep core strip miner II’s, 3x large capacitor rigs, anathema, 2x probe rigs, 1million ham missiles, and a bunch more including my nanite repair paste bpo that had been sitting in highsec, useless to me until I brought it out. It cost 50mill by itself. A Corp mate is also on the way back to the highsec entrance to head home as I leave. He’s about 20 minutes ahead of me. Wormhole is dying very soon, but not even close to critical mass. Soooo: I head back, make one last stop to give bm’s to yet another Corp mate. By the time I get to the highsec system and warp to the wormhole: IT’S GONE! I panic a little knowing I’m in a t1 Indy with over 100mill in cargo, Ppl had already tried to lock onto 4 times already… My Corpmate descides to scan and finds another wormhole inside the wormhole leading back to our nullsec home! It’s in lowsec though.
Normally I am not afraid of lowsec, but my cargo is expensive, and I’m in eve’s slowest ship type aside from caps and freighters! The lowsec is 33 jumps from my current location sitting in empty space in highsec where the wormhole once was so I unpack my anathema and pack as much into it as I could.
My corpmate graciously waits for me, maybe about 20 minutes? 15 perhaps. There were two spread out lowsec systems along the way: low>high>low. It’s a good thing I took my cov ops, because both lows were packed full of angry pirates just looking for a juicy target! All in all I make it back without my Indy full of goodies, but with my new scanning ship, rigged and rigs for my abaddon, and nanite bpo. This started at 11am my time, and I just made it home at 5:20pm. Oi! What a day!


~ by katsumi1980 on June 21, 2010.

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