The Changing Face Of HelpMyMission

In June kat reached 1yr old! A big step! Her alt, which used to be her main: Tsukiyama1980 got shown the ropes by a very handy little chat room within Eve: HelpMyMission. These veterans of Eve missioning became great friends of mine, and showed me the ropes and tactics to be able to wiz through missions quickly and outfit my ship properly. As well as a fantastic and fun weekly lotto with ISK and prizes. It seems like a long time ago that I first met Borishotch and others in that room. But the memories have been with me for a while, and it’s always fun to go back and chat, and help out those who ask for assistance with fits, tactics, etc.

Over the course of my Eve Career it came to the point of moving to nullsec and learn how to live out there (Actually, it was first brough on by living in a C6 wormhole for 6 mo. then moving to null). Due to this fact I am not as active in HMM as I used to be, and obviously I cannot just fleet up and warp to someone who needs a hand on a mission. When I think of HMM my thoughts are:

  • A noob-friendly group of people willing to assist and give mission information to others
  • Willing to fleet up and help others with missions
  • General none-smack talk with other eve players and a friendly environment. Clean chat and no bs

On the chat room message of the day there is a simple list of rules and etc. We used to say (and I’m sure it applies today): No hmm members are to scam one another, of kill each other (ganking, etc). Or perhaps maybe I’m just remembering some unwritten rules. Either way: it’s always a fun and helpful room to be in. Back in the day you rarely heard of much lowsec/null travel, not to meantion LIFE in nullsec/lowsec. Since most of the players in these secs are pirates or other lifestyles that didn’t match the majority of HMM members. There were a number of people who would go to null or low on occasion, either for missions, or market, but it wasn’t the main focus, just on occasion.

Over the last few weeks/month(s) of visiting the room I’ve now seen more and more nullsec dwellers in HMM, this a delite to me as I now spend 100% of my time in nullsec. I don’t pirate, but I DO patrol and go on ops in our sys should we happen to have invaders or tresspassers (it’s the nature of nullsec). I believe defending your home, or capturing people going through your system to not be considered pirating. We also run PLEX sites and anonomlies, which are sort of like missions in a away. They have gates, various rats of different degrees and certain drops. So I can now talk in HMM with nullsec-specific sites and share info/fits/tactics.

One concern of mine about the new population of HMM is some of the more aggressive nullsec/lowsec dwellers. Some are normal, others: like the kadashi are proven dirty fighters, spies, gankers, ward-deccers and other type’s who’s sole purpose is to greif others. And their corps members/alliance and alts are now an active part of HMM.This is somewhat scary. As having the other members (AAA, Black Star, etc) are also members they’re a bit more honest and just daily players. Of course this is my opinion and it’s open to anyone else’s opinions to how these corps stand.

HMM now fills with many reds to me, and other poor standings. One’s who have taking our space, implanted spies, stolen ships, etc. as is the nature of nullsec life to some. Our corp never engages in any of these tactics. It brings me to the rule: No attacking any other HMM member. when I am in HMM I talk to everyone casually. I put aside our past wars and etc. I MIGHT even be willing to help them out with highsec stuff, with a little hesitation, as long as we come to a mutual agreement. It’s iffy and dangerous though, but when I see a AAA member in HMM, I no longer think of him as an enemy for that moment: but a fellow HMM member. How this can play out is unsure to me. Because of this it means I can’t be quite as chatty in HMM any more, and just be careful with the info I say, in order to protect our alliance against spies and possible attack.

Still: I’ve been a member of HMM for over a year, and I still really enjoy everyone here, even the reds and I have had some good convo’s publically here, and the one’s we don’t get along with: we simply ignore one another and carry on. I’m curious how this ever-growing nullsec/lowsec population will shape HMM’s future. It’s got great potential to help the room, while at the same time: potential to cause some grief, though most members as I’ve already stated are quite mature, and willing to help. We’re all simply playing the game in our own way, many nullsec/lowsec dwellers are vet. players with a lot to offer. As long as we get along and things don’t get out of control: I don’t see it hurting anyone, only making it more useful. So if you have not already: check out HelpMyMission channel in eve, and lets have some fun, and share some tips! Don’t forget the lotto and other HMM events!


~ by katsumi1980 on June 26, 2010.

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