Katsumi Gains Alt #3

So today I find out via Twitter #eveonline that Steam is having a sale on Tyrannis for the 4th of July holiday: Eve Online for $1.99, I couldn’t resist but to buy the new account I’ve been waiting for. I signed up, and used the key on Eve’s website to create a new account. It’s fully activated and available for 30 days, can’t go wrong with that! Normally you’d buy a new account for $19.00 for the first month, then $14.95 thereafter. I don’t like the initial $5.00 fee for activation, so I simply couldn’t let this chance pass me by. I think I’ll go for a good caldari pilot initially. Everyone knows they hold the best PVE tanks with a drake. They are also the fastest to train up both in shields and missiles in about a week. I’ll work on initial shield tank skills, then some missiles. Afterwards she can train towards whatever else I might want from her, but for now: She’ll work with Kat’s other alt, and kat herself to grind more isk/hr as quickly as possible to hopefully get enough income to sustain at least one account via gameplay. This is already do-able with Kat alone and her 17mill sp if I work VERY hard on ratting in nullsec. With 3 accounts, it should be no problem at all.

After  the initial investment this alt will likely become an ECM buddy since Kat lives in nullsec, and pvp is always around. You can never have enough ECM, and that is one of Caldari’s strongest PVP tools in my opinion. Their easy button PVE works for income. All-in-all I think this will work out well in the future. But I hope to pay for my accounts via in-game shortly… 1 month is my goal, 2 months is acceptable. Anything past that: my two alts should be well off enough to start earning isk and become efficient out there.


~ by katsumi1980 on June 27, 2010.

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