Odd Wallet Inspection

So… One of my favorite things about http://www.eve-metrics.com is their wallet section where it goes down an entire months worth of transactions. Income coming in, sorted by transaction type (Contracts, bounties, market transactions, etc) and outbound transactions (market, contracts, taxes, etc). It’s like a nice little check book. According to my 30 day list: I’ve made over 10bill isk last month, and spent over 10bill isk as well, Which kind of explains my wallet. lol. This was an eye opener though. As I was not aware of just how much i’m bringing in. I’m completely broke again with around 40mill in wallet atm.

I blame this on my new alts I created. A couple months ago I chose to make an alt of mine a RR buddy & ECM fighter, she later went for a hulk, and got it. That meant: initial retriever isk, skill isk, isk for a domi, isk for a myrm, fittings, etc. I lost a covetor in null due to rats scrambling her, with someone heading to her from the next belt: it still wasn’t fast enough. That meant ANOTHER 40 mill or so for another cov. fittings and rigs. She lost a domi in PVP, which was expensive, yet another set of fittings and etc.

Next I started another alt due to steam’s sale of $1.99. This meant: Another set of isk for skills, cruisers, and battlecruiser. however, my newest alt is a tool.. A tool used only for tanking in a drake. So: She needs no other skills or ships like battleships, just a passive shield tanked Drake, with rigs. This was around 35mill+20mill in mods. My first alt also went into temporary training for tanking and etc. so that meant another 35mill+20 mill. My main lost a few ships as well due to PVP.

It’s time to play smart. Chose PVP carefully, and conserve isk until I can truely afford such loses. 100% of all my loses have been volentary pvp ops, or going out and wrecklessly choosing targets due to bordom and wanting to join the richer corpmates during suicide ops which all have lead to us all dying. While they could afford it, I couldn’t. But I didn’t want to be the guy in corp who sits on their ass doing nothing and not participating in fleet actions. The guys who you know in alliance “Don’t even bother inviting him to fleet, because he never does anything for corp”. I would hate to have that reputation. Corp/Alliance hardly ever calls for mantitory ops. So I am going to back up, and pvp less until we get a good fleet going, or manditory ops and etc.

In theory I could already be paying for my accounts 10 fold. Inspecting my wallet has opened my eyes a little. I play too much in game as I do in real life: Spending more than I can afford.


~ by katsumi1980 on June 30, 2010.

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