My First Night Tri-Ratting/w Alts.

So last night we got a wormhole, right as I had planned to sign out. Good thing I didn’t, because right as my mouse hovered over “log out”, “Hey guys, looks like we have a wormhole” was mentioned on Vent. Having my new tanking rats out in highsec, I was excited to be able to bring them out to null! One alt: Deathwish476 is literally a brand new char. under 500k Sp. However, due to bonus’ and the bonus SP: I was able to get her up to par with some very basic skills, and sit her in a T1 fit drake. Today she go Shield Upgrades IV, and is 22 hours from Tactical Shield Manipulation IV, then Shield Emission Systems.

Having finally got her, and my other main alt into null, I took them out for some ratting. I chose the second hardest plex just under havens and sanctums. Since it was the only one Kat still couldn’t solo. Despite both my alts “noob” status: The drake’s fittings and tanking was quite impressive. They did their job: spread aggro between the 3 accounts, and possibly tank for a few seconds if my main (DPS boat) has to warp out. It was touch and go for a few moment, but having 15 drones, 5 of which are T2 medium minmater (I’m fighting Angels, so these do the expl. damage), and barrage of missiles did quite well. Within a few moments both T1 fit drakes began to recharge their shields. I’m quite excited and delighted they’re doing so well already and provide that extra bit of time needed to kill the incoming DPS. After they’re completely T2 fit: it’ll be no problem at all.

This is my first time trying to rat with 3 accounts simultaneously. It’s quite nerve wrecking at first. Making sure each is ok, each is in range of their guns, etc. But I can see it becoming second nature. Especially with 2 accounts being passive-tank drakes. They’re truly “fire and forget” mode for the most part. Unlike my main, Kat’s amarr ships which are always changing ammo. So far I really like this. By Monday I’ll be fully T2 tank fit! Then it’ll be time to get some sanctums and havens done! Hopefully.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 2, 2010.

One Response to “My First Night Tri-Ratting/w Alts.”

  1. I think you are my new hero…

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