Status update on our systems

The last few weeks have been quite eventful as far as our region in scalding pass/Wicked Creek has gone. We rent systems from atlas. From the time we moved in we knew there would come a time, soon, in which a large invasion would come. Still: we moved in and built up. We now own more than 5 systems and are spending billions on jump bridges a d networks even while our mother alliance tumbles, not sure why, but hey… I guess are directors just need to keep on spending alliance isk.
The biggest one for our alliance itself is the 1v station where most of us store clones, buy mods and etc as it’s 6 jumps from us. Over the last few weeks we got notice that atlas was crumbling. They let got of a few stations I. Scalding pass and gave it to hta, less than a week later they too went to shit. Last night we got notice that PL was onlining tcu at the 1v station. We gathered a fleet of bombers and ravens and began launching torps by the masses at the tcu as we watched the one lone PL guy sit right by us at 50km inside pl’s new, unarmed POS. Ready to warp out at the sight of a cyno, we continued to get the tcu at around 60% shield. Around then the lone guy did his job: ran out of POS shields and dropped his cyno. At this time our fc fleet warped us to a safe spot and we got out except the guys in ravens who didn’t hear the “bring small fast ships and prepair to warp out when needed” call, lol. Sure enough: PL jumps in 5-6 super carriers and 5 titans, logistics and hacs, ships of all kinds. We are Net 7, so bombing runs are what we do. We warped back to the tcu cloaked to various safe spots and watched the show. Ran some meaningless but fun bomb runs which slaughtered PL’s shield rep and logistic drone fleet only to watch them come back just as fast as they died.
Minutes later the majority of PL fleet warped their fighter bombers to the main 1v station and began their rain of destruction. It was an awesome display of power!
With all this going Down it seems as though (through alliance mail) we’re taking more space and spending billions more on jump bridge networks. Not sure why… We will likely loss the space, but meh. With our two big guys: atlas and hta going out i wonder what we will do.
Worse comes to worse we will find new nullsec to live in. We’ve done it before from DY when goons took that space, the move was tough but we settled here in wicked creek which has been a lot of fun. Moving out or being pushed only leads to new contacts, friends and new fights. There’s always an up side and down side.
This will be an interesting month for all in the wicked creek/scalding path areas, and an expensive one for sure!
Last night was my first time ever seeing titans and super caps in fleets, it was quite exciting even If they were being used against us.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 8, 2010.

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