Corporate VS Alliance

Lately between the hot zone around us we’ve been having some small issues within the alliance: One Corp fell apart completely with a few members joining us as their Corp moved out, and other corps just leaving, as well as some corps who appear to be on the brink of either leaving or seeking help about particular topics.
One such Corp is coming under fire heavily by our fc, mainly the fc, the rest of us are fine with them but a little annoyed, nothing bit. The FC however is taking things a little far in my opinion and in the opinion of other alliance members. This includes excluding sharing bookmarks with said Corp so they have no way to bring in supplies, refusal to assist said Corp if they come under fire and more.
The main argument stems from this: said Corp does NOT log into alliance vent, they use their own ts server. Said Corp rarely fleets up with us and said Corp does not use our forums or web site, they use their own. Now: I understand as a Corp you want to be heard, and have your own set goals and achievements. I see nothing wrong there. when you join an alliance, however, you become a part of it. We work together to get things done, mining, ratting, pvp etc. Funds are also shared and escorts for whatever your Corp needs or wants ATM.
On that level the fc is right: if they won’t talk to us then we shouldn’t help them. But at the same time I wonder: is it their right to want to stick together as a Corp, and stand out? Many alliances such as IT, hydra, AAA, and etc have so many corps. I personally don’t know any… When I see -a- in our sys I think “oh shit, aaa is here!”. I don’t bother to look at the Corp itself, only the alliance.
A few of the corps who have left our alliance lately feel as though they’re a bug on the big windshield that is our alliance and therefore feel left out. Some was mistaken comms, as when they left we all asked “where’d so and so go? WHAT? They left alliance? I loved those guys, good pvpers!”. We have many corps in alliance that are well-known to us, we have our Russian wing which we rely on for ore and mins, transport and industrial, we’ve got good pvp corps who everyone know: “invite these dudes to our op and they’ll help us blow shit up!”, others we call on to give/buy mods/ships from, etc.
So it is entirely possible to be a Corp in a big alliance and still stand out, make something of yourself and get along while still having your own personal goals as a corporation met.
That said even though the above Corp is not communicating with the alliance I feel the fc’s actions are hurting us more than doing good. Holding resources is just being a dick. Granted I haven’t seen too much from them, but if I look through their eyes: we are doing little for them. We’ve had 2 leave us so far and one considering leaving.
I’m not sure what I would do, personally about this one small Corp who won’t do things on alliance level but at the same time I do agree that they could simply join in with us and become one of the guys we, as an alliance call on and look up to.
When you join an alliance you are no longer such and such Corp, you are now a member of alliance. My points above make my point that you are still known as a Corp, but you have to play right in the alliance, if you feel left out or unloved in the alliance: speak up and let us know. Bottled up tension doesn’t do anyone any good, in eve or in real life.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 9, 2010.

One Response to “Corporate VS Alliance”

  1. I myself have only been in two alliances. And two corps so I don’t know much outside of our alliance. I myself left the first alliance after feeling like a nobody in a big alliance. Though back then I did only have 2mill sp and was thrown from highsec missions into hardcore null pvp life. It was indeed a shocking and jarring experience for me. Now in my current Corp I have 20mill sp in gunnery and enjoy nullsec.
    I simply think some corps can’t handle the initial shock value of null sec life. But we shouldn’t look at them any less, give them time to learn and time to adjust.

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