Another Corp Leaves Alliance

Well it’d appaer that after the final rule changes being enforced for our alliance one of our troubled corps is on the brink of leaving. Heard words on vent they’re pretty much finished. All we asked is they use our vent, and not private TS server for PVP ops, and other call to arms, and to be more alliance oriented. We even stated they CAN use their own TS server for their corp, just not for PVP ops (why divide the alliance comms?) Very practical rules most every alliance follows. Well, it’s for the best I guess if they don’t want to be an integrated part of the alliance as a whole. Still we as an alliance are growing stronger and larger by the day. Our new network of systems is growing VERY quickly, upgrades are coming online in new mining/ratting areas. Station access is great due to jump bridge networks, and recruiting is going well. I’m excited about our direction and how things are going. Kat finishes another Nanite Repair Paste job of 1100 units, lol. Not much more to report. 🙂


~ by katsumi1980 on July 12, 2010.

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