Who is Katsumi: introduction Revisited

With all this “hulkageddon” excitement going on I think I should clarify who I am and what I do, after being accused of the “carebear tear” propaganda. No, I am not actively seeking out hulks or industrials for this event, though if I see one, I’ll pop it quicker than I can blink. Why not go looking? I live in nullsec, full-time, I DO NOT visit highsec, mine there, or do missions. I am stricktly Null, 42 jumps from highsec using shortest route. 50+ if I chose safe routes (what’s the excitement in that???). Katsumi has blown up so many POS’s, TCU’s, blockade units for taking SOV, general PVP activity, patrolling, scouting, bombing, recon work and information gathering. I do hate scouting and getting info, I pride myself as a bomber pilot and like to live through PVP with my heart racing knowning I’m thin as paper, but dish out hell from my torps and the unexpected decloak>bomb tactic. But being a bomber pilot my stealth often means I’m a scout.

Simply put: while hulkageddon sounds like fun: it’s only that to me: fun. I am continuing to spend time in my home @scalding pass/wicked creek area hunting bigger targets. With PL in our space, and many other reds passing through I’m busy shooting combat/faction fit T3’s and carriers, TCU’s, black ops, battleships, hacs  and other targets I just can’t turn away from to shoot a hulk while this bigger action takes place. I find myself in fleets of 50-90 attacking/defending with alliance.

I don’t consider myself an active PVPer, as I don’t actively look for it. But there is no need for me to when there are so many nuets and reds flying in and out of our various systems all I have to do is hop into a pvp ship and wait minutes for a target, warp out and get my pvp on. Protecting our space, and being on call for call to arms is more important to me than sitting in highsec looking for a silly hulk. But like I said: if i did see one, I’d surely pop him! That is if one of the hundreds of other pilots didn’t get to him first.

I love a good fight, and I LOVE PVP it’s an event every hour if I wish, and usually happens at least once a day. before you call my a carebear perhaps you should search the pilots records and check. I’ve been known to gladly give away a meeting place just so people can come down and pvp or show off a little. I can’t promise you’d even make it within 15 jumps to my area before our blues get to you, but as our FC always says: “Any pilot worth their weight can make it in and out of nullsec on their own”.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 12, 2010.

One Response to “Who is Katsumi: introduction Revisited”

  1. I’m a very easy-going and happy-go-lucky person. I take everything with a laugh & often chat with people after they blow me up, or I blow them up. I love tactical chatter about fleet and solo pvp. I praise for a good bubble camp or gatecamp well-done. Or even catching me off guard. So feel free to hit me up in game under my name katsumi1980. /0 Fly dangerous!

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