Funny Play On Hulkageddon

So a few of the recruiters have been joking around about wheeling in some of the folks out in highsec during this Hulkageddon fest with the promise of:

  • Safe Mining, No more getting ganked by random nuets
  • Safety of a large alliance, with many blue’s to watch your back.
  • Intel, scouts, & wormholes for safety and travel between our systems
  • No more can flipping!
  • Enjoy the riches of fully upgraded mining index’s in our alliance’s many systems. Large belt spawns bustling with nullsec ore.
  • Alliance/corp member who will buy your ore directly from you at competitive costs.
  • Travel safe through our many wormholes each week to safely get to and from nullsec. Many of our members will be happy to jump your ore for you and send you the check.

These are some of the points I myself can think of why someone might want to join us. I’m not sure if anyone has recruited people based off of their hulkageddon experience directly, but as a joke in Corporation recruitment channel: I can see this actually being a selling point. It’s half the reason I moved to nullsec. Mainly the safety, though I’m a combat pilot: So what attracted me was the scouts who are always watching our back, large population of blues, and nullsec ratting and ratting complex’s which bring in far more than you’d ever make running missions alone. Not to mention we use wormholes all the time, which makes getting to/from home much easier and safer than manually flying out.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 17, 2010.

One Response to “Funny Play On Hulkageddon”

  1. I can honestly say it’s been months since I’ve gotten killed while ratting out in nullsec. Probably not since we lived in w-space a long while back, if even then. My mining alt has never been “can-flipped” in her entire career. The only times I’ve died, is when I’ve gone out on my own to try some solo PVP, which is completely voluntary. Group PVP is usually a few times a week, if not a few times a day. We often get together small roaming gangs at completely random time for some pew pew. So if PVP is your deal: there’s more than enough of that as well. We’ve got some talented new Pilots less than a few days old to our alliance (Days old TO our alliance, but old chars) who’ve jumped right into pvp and enjoyed life out here preying on new juicy targets.

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