Looking to the future of alts

I’ve been thinking on what to do with my two alts now that they’re getting close to reaching their short-term goals. Katsumi’s first alt was meant to be a RR buddy for her and achieved that goal quickly, she then went into ECM training, also went quickly. The first que for rr was for both pve and pvp assistance, while ECM was obviously pvp. Now she’s 4 days from her orca. She skipped industrials all together for the orca’s massive storage and boosts. Note that she will always be backed by katsumi’s skills: drone interfacing v, scout drone op v and most others to IV or V, t2 large lasers and solid tank. Katsumi’s new alt came after a sale @ the steam store for $1.99 for new accounts which included 30-days, she then quickly did her role: an unbreakable pve shield tank. Maxed engineering skills proved to enable katsumi to solo all nullsec sites. This made her alt pay for itself in about 1 month. So I paid $1.99 for 2 months of play. She’s continuing to bring in enough to pay for two accounts each month with plenty of play money left over. With her now solid tanking she is moving up to a raven for added dps. This will complete with torps and cruise missiles within a week. I think the third stage will include these two alts getting into bombers, each in their own specialties: alt #1 gallente bomber and alt #2 in caldari bomber. Kat’s into her amarr bomber. The variety is fun, flying each race. It’d set up myself to do tri-bomber runs which could be a LOT of fun.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 21, 2010.

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