Slow Days

So the last few days have been rather slow and uneventful for me, though a lot has been going on in corp, from what I’m afk listening to on our vent servers. I like to stay tuned into vent on my laptop while away from the computer just to listen to the chat, lol.

I let one of my alts come dangerously close to the end of her eve subscription which lead to a scramble to sell some old stuff to buy a plex. In the end it took 3 days to get the last 150mill I needed, which if I had stayed in 0.0 instead of jumping to highsec to sell my bs, I could have made in an hour or so… lol. Fail. While I wait for my JC timer to count down, I purchased some more goodies for my alt for when she comes online in her new Orca, ready to pilot it. I picked up the mining bonus skill books she’d need for the gang link modules, as well as all the warefare skills available, and other leadership books such as wing command and etc.  I also picked up the 3 mining link mods as she’ll be ready to use those as well.

So my past few days have been dull, floating around in jita waiting for my stuff to sell… But today will be exciting as my alt’s last two orca skills finish in about 4 hours and she’ll undock in her new orca, and fly to 0.0 via safe wormhole route. I can’t wait for the storage potential, bonus’, and corp/ship hangers built-in! I bought all the other warfare mods just so I could eventually use her to boost my combat effectiveness as well as be well-rounded for whatever roll she might need. She’s maxed in charisma and int. which makes her a quick leadership study, it also helped her boost her PI skills quickly. High charisma is rare, but for her roll as an alt it seemed right. She’s a general assist alt, with bonus, tanking and RR abilities as well as ECM.  I’m debating on whether or not to go straight to a Rorq from here. She’d have it within 2mo. 4 days, then I’d like her to get clone vat a.s.a.p. if I did chose to go through with it. living in nullsec the jumping capability would be unquestionably helpful, the clone vat would be welcomed to the alliance, and future ore crushing would be invaluable. It seems like a good choice all-round.

Kat is now 52 days from her Carrier, which means in under two months my ratting and income will go through the roof. That’s about it for this post. Fly safe!


~ by katsumi1980 on July 26, 2010.

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