Keeping An Eye Out

So I’m still searching, listening, and reading about various Corps/Alliances to think about joining sometime in the future. My main goal is to fly with the big guys sometime… You know, the ones who show up by the hundreds in local, the ones you read about in the Eve news, ones who when they show up, they show themselves and prove themselves as an unstopable force. I’m growing tired of our failed PVP in my current alliance, suicide PVP ops and struggling to get 3 ppl to back up an alliance member under fire. My first nullsec corp had 800 or so logged into alliance almost constantly, sometimes breaking 1k during prime time. Everyone was near the same TZ or active enough that the time zones didn’t cripple the alliance as it does currently with my alliance now. I remember AFK mining in alliance, even leaving to watch a movie or take a break. YES, I left my computer with a miner sitting in space, in 0.0. Crazy? Well let me say this: In my old alliance with so many in local or other systems nearby, If a call was made, we’d have massive fleets warp in within the minute… Carriers upon carriers show up… Cruisers, HACs, logistics and etc. We had a corp try the “AFK cloaky” grief once, and fail hard. They hot dropped a miner in our sys, and were jumped by battleships, cruisers, and battlecruisers all assigned fighters by 5-6 carriers in our sys. Hot dropper got OWNED! THIS is what I miss.

I’m growing more and more tired of my current alliance losing ship after ship to a single red in system. Being held hostage by a small group of 1-3 ships. Even hot dropping can’t work for the reds if they KNOW “if I uncloak and hot drop, they’ll warp in massive fleet”. True you are never safe, and we’re currently going up against PL, who are no joke and don’t play around. They’re experience speaks for itself, and their fleets are well-organized. but still. We got hit the other night by 3 ships. It was me and one other. We had 80 in alliance, we called for help. ONE showed up, that was it. Ridiculous! I run plex’s all day for my income. It provides PVP ships, mods, and expensive fits as well as paying for eve accounts. Therefore I’m expected to jump off my seat and come to any pvp op. Many of which are named “suicide” ops.

however, many of our alliance are Miners. Nothing is expected of them. I totally disagree with this! I know you’re a miner, but above mining, you’re a NULL-SEC dweller, you are a member of a large, growing 0.0 alliance with Atlas as our owners (we’re they’re pets, and proud of it). Therefore it is my opinion that you should have BASIC pvp abilities. Now I’m not asking you as a miner to purge the system of reds, I’m not asking you to pirate even once a week. I’m not asking you to take out POSs or claim systems. I’m asking you, the industrial wing to at least show up in a T1 frigate (We have literally hundreds of miners, and that small dps adds up), T1 cruiser and just provide some assistance. That’s it, that’s all I ask. The attacker would be less likely to continue if he had opened fire and suddenly saw 2 dozen ships on overview locking him.

To prove my point: We did that more than enough on my old alliance, and we were eventually left alone. One thing that does scare me about huge alliances is that they seem to be on the verge of collaps after some time. All of eve’s big alliances, the ones who owned halves of the entire universe at some time or another, eventually dispand. Due to spies, politics or other means. So they seem to get volatile after a certain amount of time. Still, I’m looking to move back to a big alliance. Even though your wallet does take a hit in such an organization. Due to taxes, alliance fees, and capital ship funds. But in a way it’s all worth the experience.

My question to you, the reader is: What is your opinion on the industrial wing(s) of nullsec alliances? Should they be held responsible to a certain degree for the safety of the alliance? Or their own space, if they’re given a spot to mine (Say 2-4 systems donated to them for mining)? What should we expect from them, and what should their roles as miners in nullsec be? Currently we’re pvp-ing via words and anger torwards our miners, they’re known as the “lazy people who don’t care”. They’re the ones who sit floating around, or log out as our POS’s get attacked, or as miners come under fire. They’re the ones who don’t do anything for us except suck up all the ABC’s, and frankly I think this is wrong, and impolite torwards an alliance who does so much for them.

One final thing: I am looking for an alliance relative to my parent set of blues: Atlas, size wise to get into. I’ve lived in null for 12 months now, I’m experienced, 19mill SP. Amarr specialized, can fly T2 cruisers, T3, Recons, Bombers, and 50 days from carrier pilot. Also possess cyno skills, Hulk, Orca, and Freighter skills. My goal right now is to get into Atlas themselves, or PL, Hydra, AAA. Any contacts or leads would be appreciated.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Keeping An Eye Out”

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  2. Spot on man..
    The little guys only get big (hell, in this game they only survive) if EVERYONE pitches in…
    ANYONE can fly a frig (and if they can’t they’re doing something wrong)
    EVE is not a nice, pretty, candy-soaked world.. If you can’t do SOMETHING to protect yourself (your corp IS part of yourself, in this sense) then you have NO business in EVE (especially not in Null-Sec!!)
    If someone is continually “too busy mining” to offer assistance, give warning ONCE, then boot their lazy asses… Label them as a leech to the decent corps, and they’ll quickly either become productive or stop playing..

    I’ve been an industrial pilot and I was intelligent and courteous enough to stay out of a null-sec corp until I was able to provide SOMETHING to defence (a cheap, T1 e-war ship can help out a LOT more than people assume and is insanely quick and cheap to both fit and train)

    If they’re new to EVE, then gently teach them how EVE works…this isn’t WoW where you can go hang out picking flowers whenever you want.. You MUST proactively defend both yourself and your corp EVERY time there is a need (obviously there are times when it’s just not possible, but if 90% of the people logged in are “too busy” to help save 4 corp-mates, then the corp has some SERIOUS fat to be trimmed…..

    Oh, and “they’re” is the contracted form of “they are” (they’re some pretty selfish s.o.b.s) and “their” shows ownership between multiple people (their time would be better spent helping out than sucking rocks)
    Also, it’s “volitile” not “volitile”

    Don’t mean to be a dick, but when reading blogs I like to see some editing

    • Thank you. Great comment. Your points are exactly what make my point as a nullsec miner. It’s a totally different situation from highsec mining or mission running. I get quite tired of it at times. Our issue is we’ve let their habits go for so long and they don’t respond to any requests. We DO have two mining corps who are very active and we actually enjoy their presents here. They haul pos fuel, do alliance mining ops, provide clone vats, escort, and pvp as well as mine their hearts out and give us ships. IMO that is a true nullsec mining Corp. I thank you for the grammar corrections, I hadn’t realized my misuse of the two “they’re” in that line. That’s actually one of my own pet peeves, people who use the wrong “they’re” and “their”‘s. Lol can’t believe I did it myself.

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