Little To Report On

So our system(s) have been somewhat quiet for a day or so and I got some much needed ratting done. Took  my Orca out to help salvage some Havens and Dens lately. I really love it’s bonus’ and the range of it’s tractor beams, It saved Kat from having to fly far out to reach wrecks by tractoring them all close enough to salvage. The orca’s bonus’ will sky-rocket tomorrow as Leadership V finishes for my Orca Alt. She also has all the warfare skills ready to be input. So far I only have the mining bonus skirmish mods to help the alliance with bonus’ and etc.

My other alt: Deathwish finished her Raven training, and got Torps. But gosh it does not compair to the tanking ability of her passive drake which can solo a sanctum. Due to Torps horrible range for the moment, I will wait 6 days until Missile Launcher Operation V finishes, and then try and use those again. But I’m not sure. Death was also made with the idea I will do lowsec PVP later on in her life, I plan to max out her shield comp and other engineering skills first though, so that’s a while a way. She was created with security status in mind, she’ll fight anywhere regardless of taking hits and being outlawed in highsec, hence her name: Deathwish. My other alts all actively trade and run in highsec for arrands so being outlawed simply is NOT an option. Kat is a freighter pilot and needs access in order to help the alliance, And Anne needs to be able to work anywhere as well.

Kat’s finally 2 days from Amarr Battleship V! This will complete her Amarr ships skills as they’re all at IV, with battleships to V now. She will likely move onto her other prereq for an Archon, Amarr Carrier, then to Super Carriers. After that she will go back and do Logistics ships or Command ships. THEN for the final touch she’ll finally enter cross-training for Gallente ships. She’s got max drone skills and Gallente will compliment those skills, Her armor tanking and capacitor skills will also be at home there.

For now though her drone skills will assist in her future Carrier which is now 50 days away. I plan to get fighters to V asap. She can already use them.

The last few days have only brought me about 80mill isk. It’s been very slow with the reds but they seem to be leaving now, so hopefully I can go back to getting 60mill/hr or so. Can’t wait for that carrier, I can make 80mill/hour easily. Not counting salvage and loot. My alts Orca has provided a lot of help in many ways, mainly storage. heh. I’m not sure what to do with her now. Maybe finish up some engineering skills and then work more on armor tanking. My original plan was to train for a Rorq. But that might have to wait for a while.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 30, 2010.

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