Quick Kill Becomes Quick Slaughter

Our system went back to it’s normal quiet self for a bit today. Then came this lone IT ‘ceptor pilot in a Crusader. Amarr Interceptor. A few of us went in to get the quick kill as our FC said he had it tackled. I’m thinking, along with everyone else: “Easy kill 4-1 ratio”. Our FC announces he’s going down shortly after giving the wtm command. I warp in and find myself with 4 other corpmates, the ceptor is in structure, but armor is being repped up quickly. I lock in, web, scram, and over-heat my guns. Soon after I find myself losing armor, and quickly. Within seconds my Malediction goes down. Followed by corpmate 1,2,3 & 4. lol. Stunned we reship and two head back, to get killed again. The little ‘ceptor is still reppnig himself up quickly. He shouts “GF” in local, We all reply “GF”. Funny… He took 5 of us out (4 corpmates, plus the FC) and took two out once more when they reshipped and returned for seconds. It was impressive. Perhaps the best fit ‘ceptor we’ve come across. Maybe he was faction fit. I wish I could have seen his fitting. I love that laser fit Amarr Interceptor myself. His performance was outstanding, and gave me a bit to ponder on about interceptors and what they could do with the right fittings. Odd thing is: the armor reps, searching battleclinic I am seeing a new trend where ppl don’t fit reps to their ships. I always found this to be a bad choice, and here it saved that dude’s life. I’m certain he had some kind of expensive rep on that little ‘ceptor.

Good fight man, good fight! Thanks for bringing back that spark of interest in interceptors once more.


~ by katsumi1980 on July 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Quick Kill Becomes Quick Slaughter”

  1. There is a time and place for everything. If, like that Crusader pilot, you know that you are going to be fighting a limited number of ships at once, a repper makes sense, though I would also be interested in his fit. You will also find active tanked Jaguars. The reason that people say to not active tank is that most of the time, the reccomendation is regarding large fleet action’ specifically battleships, or in smaller engagements, battlecruisers. To determine if you want a repper/booster or purgers vs pdus, you do a simple bit of theorycrafting, as follows:

    Suppose you have a ship with 1000hp. You may either increase the HP to 1500, or add a repper that reps 10hp/s. If you have 20 incoming effective dps, then you explode either in (1500/20) 75 sec or in (1000/(20-10)) 100 seconds. Point repper. If you expect 50 incoming dps, same deal: (1500/50)=30 sec or (1000/(50-10)=25 sec. Point plate, if you expect the fight to last longer than 25 seconds. Replace with actual values for whatever ship you’re considering.

    However, that’s not the only consideration: in a medium-sized fight, with battleships, you have RR to consider: that 1600mm plate (or EANM) is going to keep you alive until the RR hits (or make the RR more effective).

    This of course becomes much harder to apply to smaller ships: they (in general) get neither the focus fire (or if they do, it doesn’t matter HOW you tank) nor the RR. Battlecruisers can get RR to some degree, depending on gang size (and have enough EHP to actually get it and have it be effective), but by and large, anything cruiser hull sized or smaller can’t. Cycle and lock times are too long, there’s not enough EHP to rep, and medium/small RR have range problems.

    This does not automatically make reps better on cruisers and lower. The same calculation applies. Plus, on smaller ships, you have even more to fear from neuts: if one of you in your post had been flying a sentinel or a curse, or even an arbi or maller with neuts, that would have ended rather differently.

    (I was bored.)

  2. […] specific post that inspired this was on Katsumi1980′s blog here. You can look there for my comment that I made there, but this post will organize my thoughts […]

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