My Thoughts On Recent Attacks On CCP

Recently there had been a post in the Eve forums to vote for CCP’s award winning MMO: Eve Online. This resulted in over 36 pages full of complaints and ravaging players refusing to put in votes. The post was depressingly full of reply after reply of players screaming at CCP to fix existing as well as past problems that CCP has been putting on hold while they continue to push forward with Eve’s over-all development and it’s future. This sadened me a bit, as I LOVE Eve, I enjoy the game emensly and spend so much time with friends on there. I’ve always stated that I am a gamer before a Eve player. That is: I actively play many games, MMO’s are no exception. For Katsumi’s complete history and story visit my old page: I mainly play Aion Online, and Eve Online. Dedication to both has pushed out several other MMO’s I used to play. Guild Wars, Silk Road Online (Kat’s birth place), 9 Dragons, World Of Warcraft to meantion a few.

When I see such an uproar in a game’s forums I can’t help but to analyze my experience between eve and the other MMO’s I play. Half the issues I see on the forums are one’s I’ve yet to encounter. Some lag here and there, but not enough to go on such an outrageous splurge of emo posts I encounter on Eve Online. In my opinion Eve is still ahead of the rest in many aspects. The lag issue is hardly noticable except in large fleets, I’ve flown with around 170 people before, my biggest battle was with a 375 person fleet. Which handled So-So, but not enough to make me /emoquite /ragequite as people are doing on the forums.

There is a bit of tidying up to do I suppose, But to be perfectly honest with my readers: I see nothing wrong with the game, And I continue to love eve and be obsessed with it, and my toons. As with any MMO, Aion Online’s over-the-top sucess drove it’s developers to come up with emergency fixes for a bundle of issues: First there was the community who EXPLOADED into existance, shutting down entire servers due to traffic. Forcing them to go from 2 to what i believe topped around 10+ servers for a moment. You literally sat in 2-4 hour ques at your loading screen as you watched yourself progress in line until you were able to log in.

Once in the lag and “rubber band” effect was so great it was unplayable, whether on your own or in a densely populated area. It took NCSoft some time to get a handle on things. Aion’s second death blow was the raise of bots and gold sellers who merciless attacked in every conceivable way from in-game chat invites, local chat spam, in game mailsystem spam, spam mail sent to account addresses and more. This resulted in Aion’s team devising plans which included many MASS bans. Which resulted in the game’s major Legions (Eve equal to Alliances) to collaps, as many innocent people got caught up by purchasing goods from sellers who originally bought something from a gold seller site. This reminds me of a recent event on Eve Online where CCP banned an a account that was receiving money from someone, who got THEIR money from gold sellers. In any game, gold sellers HAVE to be stopped, THIS is how they harm MMO’s.

The community and game went through so much in Aion Online, but has many happy players and most problems are behind us now. The market has crashed, but it’s growing stronger. My point is: Compared to that example, and other incidents such as WoW’s many attacks on their accounts due to account Thieve’s and etc. I think Eve Online has had it easy. Yet we treat them as if they’re the devil himself sometimes.

I think those people in the forums just need to HTFU and get the fuck out of Eve if you really hate it so much! Oh, and give me yur stuffs :-p Eve is with me to stay, I love it, and I enjoy it a lot. Please lets take a breather and get a grip!


~ by katsumi1980 on August 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Thoughts On Recent Attacks On CCP”

  1. I tend to agree with you, but the lag is a serious problem. I think the issue is that while it directly affects only the people in those big fleet fights, the outcomes of those fights are so large–space and stations worth billions of isk changing (or not changing) hands–that the pain is serious. Having said all that, CCP is working on the lag as hard as they can, and those who deny it are fools.

    • Thanks. I agree it is a huge problem that can affect everyone. But as I said, and you said: ccp is working on it. And they do have teams assigned to it, public mass testing and etc. These things just take time.

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