You Know You Play Too Much Eve When…

So this weekend Aion Online has re-activated all canceled subscriptions, from Friday to Monday. I was quite excited! Though I removed the client when I re-partitioned my hard drives. As with most MMO’s: It took nearly a day to get the full client and patch it up to current. I eagarly logged in to resume my playing as Katsumi, Robyn, Tsukiyama, or one of my other chars.

So I’m flying through the level as Elyos, when I see an Asmodian (The opposing team) come up to map, my first thought: “RED IN SYSTEM, GET SAFE!” :-p he either didn’t see me, or didn’t want to fight. Lucky for me because it’s been nearly 10 months since I’ve logged into any other MMO besides Eve Online, and I didn’t remember my effective chains. Aion’s a fantastic, beautiful MMO that I’d recommend to anyone. It’s PVP is also great and boasts what I feel is the best crafting system out there for the casual player, with advanced crafting to satisfy the veterans.

Anyway: yeah, you know you play too much Eve when you’re playing another MMO and you see the other faction on map and say “red in system!” :-p


~ by katsumi1980 on August 1, 2010.

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