Katsumi Gains An Alt… Again!

Call it pure madness, Call it obsession… But today Katsumi gained a 3rd alt. I now have 4 accounts. This came about from my desire to fly for Minmatar and to have a combat pilot with them. Also: I’ve been wanting to create a scanning alt for quite some time. My main is busy training her carrier skills, my first alt is finishing up essential drone skills (She’s Gallente), and my third char is getting her Missile Launcher Operation skills to V now that she’s finished engineering skills to a more-than-adequate level. My new alt will start off just as any other noob char: Learning skills to V, then adv. learning to IV, followed by probing skills, since this is her immediate call. Followed by Minmatar Industrials to IV, or maybe even V. I needed another hauling toon since nullsec has a habit of building up your assets before you get to highsec, which means massive loads of shit to move. I feel it’s in every pilot’s best interest to always be able to fly an industrial moderately well, perhaps III at a min. IV preferred, and V if you’re serious.

Upon finishing some good scanning skills, she will probably go for navigation skills to be able to move around to Minmatar’s true speed advantages, as well as cloaking asap. This will make her a great little scanning toon. She’ll then go for T2 small projectile’s and from there who knows.

Here’s a breakdown of my toons thus far:

Katsumi1980: Amarr Specialist, Amarr Battleship V>Amarr Transport Ships>Amarr Freighters III>Mining Bardge IV>T2Small-Large Beam and Pulse specialization IV>Legion Pilot>Amarr HAC>Nightmare Capable>Covert Ops IV>40 days from Amarr Carrier>Drone Interfacing V, Scout Drone operation V, Capable of all T2 logistic drones, Ewar drones of all types>Recon Ships IV>All armor comp skills to IV>ice mining>Gas cloud harvesting

Alt #2 (secret name): Orca Pilot> Hulk Pilot> Gallente small-large drones, Sentry drones. Basic training only>Remote Armor Repair/Shield rep, all repair drones capable, All sizes of energy transfer modules>Gallente frig-battleship pilot>gallente Industrial II> ECM II on all ECM related modules including remote ECCM projection, local fit ECM mods, and ECM drones>Mining Director IV>Mining Foreman V>All Warfare leadership skills to III>PI skills all to IV.

Alt 3: Deathwish: Max engineering skills (shield comp to IV on all but two,,of which are at V, cap skills also at V)>Caldari frigate-Battleship capable>Torp, cruise missile skills, basic missile improvement skills>Caldari industrial IV

So as you can see Katsumi can fly a few different ships from HAC’s and recons, stealth bombers, okay armor tanking, remote reps and etc. Excellent drone skills. And good hauling ability. My second alt is a general assist alt with RR ability and energy xfer, as well as ECM backup and support. Alt 3 is a very, very basic skill char atm. Her only purpose is pure tank, no dps (Alt 2 is for DPS), she’s going for max in engineering and can use all types of missiles and torps, but only T1 and the bare min. required for them. Both those toons are still only 3 months or so old. So they can go onto other things later. The new alt is currently uknown. She’ll probably go for T2 guns and pure DPS after  her probing and exploration skills finish. She’ll be my hunting alt. Each toon has basic hauling ability with the exception of Katsumi who’s a freighter pilot and can fly everything from the basic industrial to transport ships to Freighter. She was training for a jump freighter before switching to Carrier training.

Hopefully my new toon will be fun to use, and with good scanning abilities, which I’ve neglected in the past, should make scanning much easier. She will also make for some excellent hunting and fun times! All toons are nullsec toons as well, so each has T1 scram/disrupt, target painting, and webbing skills. 2 of the 4 can cloak, but I intend them to all be covert ops cloak ready as soon as their main objective is complete. That’s the beauty of alts: They can all fixate on a single trait.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 2, 2010.

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