The Final Countdown Commences

Katsumi is now training her last long skill needed for her most awaited Archon, Amarr Carrier. After Adv Spaceship Command V finishes all other skills will finish with between 7 and 14 days thereafter. Funding has already been made for the ship and the skillbooks themselves. I can’t wait to accomplish this, my first jump drive capable ship and one that will aid our Alliance.  Katsumi introduced a new alt into our corp today: Phoenix Walllis (Google the name :-p). She will be my scanning alt intended for swift and quick combat/pve scanning.  She’s also Minmatar as I have the other 3 races covered already. It’s just a personal choice of mine, I like the idea of having all 4 playable. My second alt is almost finished training for her cruise missiles, then it’s a quick step to get some basic missile skills to minimal levels before training up ECM skills. I want her to max out those ECM and be effective in her way. I’ve descided that my gallente alt, of which is currently intended for support, and light DPS will move to Logistics training after her current training finishes which is T2 small-med drones atm. After she’s in a logistics ship she will go for Drone Interfacing V.

I’m also happy to report we got a very good fleet going today. It all started when we found a nice wormhole leading from our home system to highsec. A few corp members went in and spotted it’s inhabitants. They killed two of our alliance members. Upon hearing this we put up an ad to “fleet up”, get some pvp going and try and make this a safe route for new members and old members. We got off to the typical slow, no response start… But suddenly there was a rush of alliance members joining in fleet,  on vent and shipping up!

We got a large number of alliance members armed up and in communication. FINALLY! This is what I’ve been wanting. We warped to the entrance of the nullsec side of the wormhole while our FC went into the wormhole, which was now bubbled, his job was to play bait. He fired at the bubble as another corpmate jumped in to help kill the bubble. Upon destroying it, the two or three w-space dwellers took the bait and fired at our FC. We warped in several battleships, a HIC, a handful of small tacklers and other ships. our HIC quickly trapped one of the w-space dwellers and we took him down quickly.

In the end we chased down the remaining two towards the exit side of the wormhole leading to a C3. We caught them and they ALMOST fell to the same demise as their friend. They ran frantically to the exit when they realized the size of our fleet. Barely making it to the C3, but upon jumping they collapsed the wormhole behind them, leaving them trapped :-p We warped around the C6 looking for the last guy, we caught up to him but weren’t able to catch him before he ran back to their pos and gave up the fight. I’d say this was quite a successful operation. Some of us felt anxious after this, thirsty for more blood. We camped some of our nullsec gates for a while, catching one more dude and killing him.

Great day so far 🙂 It was fun seeing more of our russian guys in such a blood-thirsty manner. We will certainly have to take them out for some good roams soon! Recruiting is going very well, if all goes well we should be up to around 575 members in alliance. Our space is running smoothly now as we’re more active and able to get some good isk incoming and rebuild a bit after taking some hits isk wise.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Final Countdown Commences”

  1. I found the successful skilling of a cap ship to be anti-climatic. You finally build your carrier, get all of the cap modules, fighters, piles of t1 drones, etc out to it. And then… it becomes a giant logistics ship used for moving things or repping pos shields. My carrier has only been used in combat a few times.

    • Haha, yes see that happening. Truer also used to bring in a lot of alliance members ships, but oh well, it’s therapy of a ship that makes life easier for the alliance. My orca ATM is simply a huge mobile storage bay.

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