Play To Pay: I’ve Reached The Point

So over the last month or so I’ve felt unbearably poor. I’ve struggled to get what basic fit PVP ships I can get, as PVP is constant and every day, often multiple times per day in nullsec. Since getting my new Caldari shield tanking alt I’ve been able to more than double my income. I reactivated my mining alt, who’s fate ended up as another DPS support alt bringing in isk quicker. So last night I bought another PLEX, I have now paid for all 3 accounts via 2x PLEX, most due to my tanking alt which has enabled me to run ever nullsec site available in a fully upgraded system, solo. And time efficient too. I loot/salvage everything. Feeling broke, I had to go back and look at what I invested in for the last month of hard-core ratting… Because due to this I’ve done as little pvp as I can in order to NOT spend money, as they say “Pay your rent first, then splurge” after all: what good is a faction fit pvp ship if you can’t log into Eve? 3 accounts, two plex each: that’s 1,800,000,000.00 isk.

So it’d appear that my wallet history on was correct. I couldn’t believe it said I made over 3bill in the last 30 days, but the plex’s prove it! I miss the day of the 250mill plex, I’ve spent around 300mill each plex now. Oh well. The good thing is: now that i’ve worked my ass of, “paid my bills”, I can relax for a little while and maybe buy some new toys for my alts, and more bombers for my main. I am around 45 days from my carrier atm, which will once again make my income go up another notch, and in under two months! I must say it’s fun playing to pay for eve, but it’s also time-consuming to make sure you can pull it off. For me the hardest part is resisting highsec when we get a wormhole. I have to remind myself “Turn in your 30km3 loot/salvage from nullsec plex and anom. and turn around! DON’T SHOP!”. I’m an addict when it comes to spending money in real life, and it shows in game, funny how that happens! The hard part is behind me, which means I can afford to buy some goodies for a while, before returning to the grind for isk. I like to start earning within 40-50 days of subscription cancellation.

My 4th account’s status is unknown atm, but she’s got 50 days due to me upgrading to a paid, from 22 day trial right away, so hopefully the added income via carrier will enable me to pay for all these accounts via plex. But is it worth it? In the long run, once all 3 alts (+my main, four accounts total) are self-efficient as my main is: income will just go up and up. Still, I think there’s a breaking point with alts & pay to play. I’ll be spending just over 2.1bill/mo to pay for these, until I get a job again and can finally pay via cash. Anyways: I found it amusing that I’m a 3billion isk/month player, but didn’t realize it due to my plex investment and expenses due to nullsec PVP ship loses, lol. Now to keep up the hard work, it’s not easy making this kind of isk, and is a constant battle between choosing PVP encounters wisely, and getting what you NEED. Eve-Metrics shows a total of 3.6bill isk over the last 30 days so far. So lets use it wisely. Below is my current 30-day summery. If I keep it up I’ll make as much in the next two months as I did last report.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 6, 2010.

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  1. I should also note that while over 3bill isk a month sounds like a lot for a single player, view my prospective: I’ve got 4 accounts total, 1 main and 3 alts. That’s FOUR accounts needing: Ships, Fittings, Implants, AMMO, Drones and etc. On top of that 1 account is going into capital training. That’s 100’s million isks for skill books and 100’s mill isk per ship… Back in the day I thought being one of “those rich nullsec alliance guys” would be all fun and games, but it’s proving to be a LOT of work, and quite the balancing act.

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