I’m kind of lost…

So since yesterday the PL reds have been back in our system, although not afk cloak camping, but moving around and going to every site and anom they find, looking for kills. And I don’t blame them: 2 days ago we finally bored them by ignoring them, not engaging and basically giving them nothing to do. We own 6-7 systems so having reds in 1 or 2 systems just means we go to the next fully upgraded sys and rat/mine there. I have one sys that’s got all my stuff in it, but I can move them down to wherever. But I like my “home”, it’s odd how you get attached to systems! Especially nullsec ones that have odd names like xyz-123 instead of names :-p

We had done good for a while, making the reds just leave and hunt else where. However, the new recruits into our corp have lost a TON of ships to them as of yesterday, faction ships with faction mods, normal ships, battleships, industrials, you name it, it was lost. Our alliance mates also tried engaging as well, only to fail and give our little campers more kills. These two are particular to covert hot drops (it’s all they can do in our cyno jammed systems) and hot drops in the two systems that are NOT jammed (yet for some reason certain alliance members feel the need to keep trying to engage them in those sys). PL has taken over stations all around us in Atlas space, but we’re in an area that Atlas doesn’t care much for, and they’re pre-occupied with other things, so PL has free reign here.

We know three things about these campers in our sys: They’ve repeatedly hot dropped in any system we’ve ever engaged in, they’ve dropped covert hot drops in any system we’ve engaged them in where it was jammed. And 3: They’re PL, and have MANY reinforcements around our entire space, they are apt PVPers with faction mods, and the best ships.

Now here is us: We’re a 575 man Alliance. Most of which are ratters out here, more than half are miners. MOST are PVP capable, but only casually. Our fleets consist of throw-away ships including recons, bombers, interceptors, BC’s, battleships. Most of which are basic fit, no one’s willing to buy faction fits for fear of loss. PL’s presents has made huge dents in our wallets and dropped military index’s quite low, making it hard to share sites such as havens and sanctums. With 575 people, it’s hard to find someplace that’s not already being ratted to death by another alliance member. Therefore: it’s hard for us to get isk to buy good pvp ships. Before PL this wasn’t an issue so much.

With our 575 member alliance a CTA (Call To Arms) means we max out at a 5 man fleet. Most of the time we max out at 2-3 pilots showing up. This is most likely due to the problems above: most of us are broke due to not being able to rat, if we try: we lose all our ships quickly due to covert hot drops and etc. Second: the one guys who keep bragging in vent about how rich they are, are our miner divisions, A few who are super cap and capital pilots (we could really use them), they, however, refuse to help us most of the time, almost 90% of the time: “Fuck you guys, I can’t leave my mag site”. View my frustration on this topic in my previous post “Keeping an Eye Out“. A few days ago our FC was hard-core bitching via vent and alliance,  I mean YELLING at our “FAIL!” to secure our highsec wormhole route, which was hostile. After 30 minutes of screaming at us and calling us losers and saying, and I quote: “Useless, all of you, you know what: screw you, I’m out” our FC said to us and our alliance. “out” meaning he didn’t care about giving us a route any longer because we all use the w-space routes, yet when it comes to PVP, no one comes. This resulted in one miner, FINALLY saying “oh now you got me feeling sorry for you, I’m heading out”. Following that, 6 more came, following that: 10 alliance members joined, following that 4 corp members from our corp came. NOW we had a good force. That resulted in us killing the enhabitens of the wormhole and securing our route.

This is our typical turn out, and the way we always work, which is why we always FAIL. Our FC’s frustration is understandable, and the lack of showing up and participation from alliance is understandable to a point because if you shout “PVP NEEDED ASAP” and you KNOW there will be 2 ships total in fleet: well, who likes to be slaughtered time and time again? With no alliance support? We will have 40 or so in fleet, and a bunch in vent, but 2 in fleet in reality, because no one wants to come.

Second issue is half our mining side is russian. This means: on vent we do not speak one another’s language, if we do, it’s broken english and probably broken russian. Timezone means that half our alliance is in one, and the other half is in another, this is actually playing us up a bit. if I wanted to say the trueth I’d say 1/4 of us is in the same time zones as we cover several TZ’s, actually.

This is due to our CEO’s and diplos wanting raw numbers so we can say “yeah, we’re a BIG nullsec alliance”. My word in alliance means nothing. I’ve got no roles despite being a member for a year, and no voting opportunity, so I don’t even bother suggesting anything anymore to them. I don’t attend meetings any longer because people just don’t care. If they’d listen I’d suggest we look more into recruiting from US TZ and get more organized so that 575 members means we have at least half the members on at the same time, instead of a small number on at any given time. The russians are great at mining, and last week proved they CAN be blood-thirsty killers once they get involved as they did in the wormhole incident which resulted in them roaming, lol. It was hallarious and fun at the same time to enjoy their company and do something, even if I had no clue as to what they were saying on vent, I understood “FIRE FIRE!”, lol.

Ok, I will stop ranting here and get to the point of this post: How can an alliance like us deal with PL and their massive invasion? How can we deal with hot droppers and covert drops who has such a large pool of players to jump in at the snap of a finger? We’re always out numbered and out-gunned. They’re hard core, experienced PVPers with all the expensive fits, while we’re mostly industrial and if we do pvp, we bring spares. The outlook seems grim, but I’m resisting to go to my typical “I want out of this alliance” mood.

The only times we’ve all gotten together have been: 3 days ago for a blue TCU take-down where we got 20 in sys to pop the TCU. Our coming op to attack the blue’s POS and take the system which we’ve got dread pilots already signed up. 2 months ago in our old home where we got 125 people to fleet up and defend our POS, another 2 months back where our russians got attacked (their main pos) and we got 75 to help. So it seems if it’s TCU’s, or POS, we jump on it. And we’re VERY good when we DO get together, it just doesn’t happen enough. This is despite our alliance ship replacement fund, where we go pop and we get our isk back, this is for everything up to carrier size including T2-T3 yet no one comes, still.

Today was another typical bitchy day with vent arguing and screaming among alliance members resulting in them getting kicked from the first director to hit the kick/mute button. That’s right: half the arguments are between our guys, are the ones with power, diplos and directors. These aren’t just newcomers fighting it’s everyone in our alliance fighting among each other. This is heavily influenced by the fleet ops turnouts and lack of participation in CTA’s. For the moment everyone’s calmed down, as I hear the usual casual chat now in vent as I listen in on my laptop outside my house. I think everyone’s stressed, and we need to work something out here, we need to stop looking inward and come up with a plan. But being directors, FC’s, and diplos who all think they’re right, and think they have the final answer no one seems to ever take any info from one another. in fact, I even heard “SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” from a diplo to a director who was TRYING to “BREAK BREAK, red in system”. If I were that director I would simply let the red silently enter and kill the corp member, lol. but doing so would put everyone in sys at risk.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “I’m kind of lost…”

  1. Yes you heard right, We’re taking a BLUE system over. Apparently our FC thinks we’re powerful enough to take our own blue’s system. lol. Though this particular blue has reserved this space, but done nothing with it, and I guess we’re bored. I want to say “no don’t do this” but as stated, no one cares what katsumi thinks, which is why i have this blog. It also gives my thirst a little relief as pos bashing is the ONLY time we get large numbers. When our corp was with BOS we were huge and vicious. But that was then and this is us now. It’s so rare we all get togeter, and actually have fun with one another instead of bitching, I take every chance I can get. All i want is to be in a good alliance and feel/experience fleet action as I read about in tweetfleet and eve blogs… I want it so bad, and to be able to get FC experience eventually, it’s what i crave… I wish the alliance would give me the chance sometime… If I ever do find a good, established corp/alliance to join, I probably would sometime. I am picky though, and want something on the scale of Atlas side… And NO pirate corps, they bore me.

  2. We have a simple rule, “Everyone Fights”. This is backed up by killmail quotas. If you don’t fight, continue ratting/mining when there is a home defence fleet up, or don’t meet your quota and don’t have a good explanation its time for you to leave. This happens to corps as well as individuals.

    Our alliance has shrunk recently in terms of absolute numbers, but most of those shed were only lining their own pockets. We are recruiting, but selectively.

    I do sympathise with the PL problem, we have that one too. We just don’t give them targets and carry out our operations elsewhere. Hopefully they’ll get bored eventually and go bug someone that gives them fat juicy targets to pad their killboard.

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