Time to evac!

So we have a number of alliance scanning around to get wormhole routes up to highest so us guys with expensive assets can move then to safety. PL has began taking our systems,just one for now, and it’s taking them quite some time. My once “awe” of them has Diminished somewhat, after all: if we can keep annoying and delaying them with our small (yet the biggest fleets I’ve seen us form up in for a while) 40-60man fleets, I wonder how they’d do in taking a similarly sized alliance as their own. I just bought a pled with my last isk. I now have 1-2 pvp ships left and 5mill isk remaining. I am ignoring our command to “fight to the death” ATM and choosing to play my targets smart and pick fights I can win. Our philosophy is “suicide” ops. Well, I’m sorry guys, I don’t have billions of isk to throw away on a continuos basis. Especially during war when zero ratting/mining is going on. More power to you guys: keep losing that carrier per minute while I make a kill every so often and keep my ship in one piece. I am taking all my assets out of null that I can’t afford to lose. Mainly my hac, orca, hulk and domi. I’ll then bring in some t1 Frigs and cruisers to fight with. T1 fit, it’s all I can afford. I’ll likely wait it out until they leave or we move then rejoin. This fight is too expensive for me.
I’ve always heard the saying “don’t fight in what you can’t afford to lose”. I think having 5mill to my name and 1 combat ship is reason for me to get out. If I Lise the few ships I have I’ll be left with no chance to remake isk and therefor be unable to assist in ANY pvp.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 8, 2010.

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