Tonight’s Fun

Tonight was round 2 with PL. This time we had a great assistance from Atlas to help us out. We had around 60-70+ ships with us. Again: VERY large as far as our alliance is concerned. We waited silently as PL scouts remained in system, and our scouts remained in PL’s staging area. Scouts began relaying info on PL’s movement. Atlas set up a zone to watch our main gate. Just as reports of PL entering our system, our fleet warps in. I must say we died quite fast, we lost practically all ships in fleet, as planned. As our alliance’s orders are “fight ’till you die”. re-ship, fly back, die again, and again, until you have no more isk to buy any more ships.

Regardless I stayed cloaked in my bomber watching the action. Our fleet died before we could turn around once we landed, must have been around 10-20second fight, total for PL to kill atlas and our alliance fleet. lol. However, when it came to our POS, the main cyno jamming pos: PL performed VERY poorly. Taking well over an hour to take anything down. They originally took down our cyno jammer, only to have us rep it back up immediately, and re-online it.

Once they got our jammer off they did a repeat of last time: attack the iHub, and incap our jammer pos’ guns. This isn’t even one of our main pos, so who give’s a sh*t. It was good times though. I do not understand why they keep trying to ransom us. We’re staying until there is literally no more ships left to lose, no more pos and no more mods to lose. So: lets go at it again 🙂

On the flip side: Noxious IV from PL is a cool dude to talk to. 0/ was fun man.

Final battles will be posted after they take place, obviously to prevent any info from leaking out. While I may not like our alliance in particular I will not sabotage anyone 🙂


~ by katsumi1980 on August 10, 2010.

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