Logistics: Ships I Never See

Up until the tournaments which I just started watching this year, I’ve never really seen Logistics ships in our fleets. In fact: I’ve very rarely seen them at all. I’ve never seen a guardian or other racial logistical ship in a fleet. I’ve heard on the rare occasion some alliance member bringing in 1 for a plex. However it’s usually not a true logistics, just a drake fitted with a  few shield rechargers. We NEVER use them in our pvp ops, though once upon a time we did use armor repair drones and shield xfer drones. I’ve been with this alliance for a year now… While none claim to be avid PVP guys, most know they can do well and protect themselves against 1-2 small targets and perhaps the lucky roam. Though we’ve died in almost every encounter I can recall, after we lost our space in DY a while back. Back then we had gate camps, and gate camping is no contest.

It’s due to this that I’ve yet to train for any kind of true logistics ship, though if I DID I’d go for a guardian. Over the last week PL went into their full attack mode against us, wiping out our system slowly after a few days. Finally they succeeded. One thing I see in their fleets that lacks in ours: They brought in around 4-5 initial Guardians, with a massive Amarr battleship fleet behind them. Our pos guns couldn’t take them out. On the final day of invasion they brough 6+ logistic ships with their fleet, again, Guardians.

I really would like to see the chance for us to seriously use these ships, they really kept PL’s fleet in one piece. And neutral repping between guardians and battleships meant that even if we primaried a logistics ship: we couldn’t take it down due to it receiving repairs. This goes against most of our complaints “I’m not taking my logistics out there only to be primaried and lose it”. They proved to be a tough nut to crack, and for our 4 pos gunners: an unbreakable nut. I think I’ve learned a bit from watching the fight in my cloaked up ship. However most of PL’s strength came from the pure blob effect: jump in 4 titans, 6 mother ships, 8 carriers, and 40+ battleships. lol.

I really wish we would use amarr ships more, I love them but I get very little support for them in my alliance. Our diplo left us now, and he was 1 of 3 other pure amarr players out there besides me 😦 And I think PL’s Geddon, Abaddon and Guardian fleets made me realize something that contradicts what most of my alliance tells me, or acts is true: “amarr are the bottom line”. Well, PL’s ships were pure amarr, and they ripped through our forces, our pos, and Atlas’ fleet that came to assist us… So sir: I like amarr! :-p


~ by katsumi1980 on August 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Logistics: Ships I Never See”

  1. The really important takeaway is that if you force the enemy to fight on your terms, and you are a well-trained, well-prepared group, you can use any weapons you want. The minds behind it are the dangerous things.

    PL could go all Caldari too – they would simply pick the most effective way to go about it.

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