Current Dilemma & Options

It’s that time again: Debating on seeking a new alliance. With fun times every few days, with more bad than good inbetween them I’ve come to realize something: I no longer look forward to logging into Eve. I no longer enjoy talking to virtually anyone in corp, or alliance. Vent is a nuance that’s just plain ANNOYING! For those of you Eve fanboys using WoW, or your favorite MMO target to compare “children playing game” with eve: I can assure you: Quite a few of our Alliance stopped using vent, It’s just annoying to listen to people bullshit around, click their mic to make “funny” sounds, and just be annoying little dudes, it’s a HUGE turn off.

I spent the last 3 days “stuck” in highsec as I evac’d my prized ships in fear they may become the latest victim in our Alliance “missing ships” mishap. That is: Our FC’s taking whatever ship they have out of wherever they may please, take it out and run, get re-killed by whatever fleet killed corp/alliance mates. This would be different, say if they took/gave ships back to the person who killed them, and defeated them, or turned the tide of the fight, but most are just re-doing suicide pvp. Most ships are destroyed within second. Others are kept indefinitely until they die again. This has led to a bunch of paranoid Alliance members making sure to log off of their ships, and the ones they’re not in: we take to atlas stations and dock up (8 jumps away) rather than use the corp/Alliance POS.

During my short stay in highsec I felt as though I had fallen back in love with Eve Online once more. Talking to folks in highsec as I ran missions, finding other miners in systems and mining along side them, having fun convo’s. I came to realize once more: There are great folks out there in Eve Online, and some good friends to meet. This is something I’ve come to completely forget about. When I targeted this guy’s ‘roid on accident, and targeted another to begin mining I told him: “Ah, sorry, I tried to pick a rock you weren’t sucking on already :-)”, they replied: “hey, it doesn’t have my name on it, roids don’t have sov, first come first serve :-)”. I continued to talk to this person for a while and had a good time, for once, doing something in eve. In my current situation it would have gone like this: “KAT, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS BELT!”, before I’d even chose a roid. That’s right: BELT. It’s this stuff I deal with time and time again, or warping to a corpmate’s pos for shelter temporarily to avoid a red. Just to get yelled at and etc. by some major asshats in alliance.

I’m tired of it, and I realize now through my highsec experience: “Wow, I feel free! I can talk to people, I meet some cool guys, and I’m actually enjoying eve even though I’m not making 100mill/day here”. Through this revelation I feel it’s time to leave. Maybe just temporarily, or ‘short leave’ from the corp until things cool off. If anything it’d be good for me and a healthy switch. At the moment there are a few things keeping me from leaving:

Our CEO: My CEO chains me to the ground when I mention leaving. lol, no but seriously; he’s a good guy, lots of fun and I enjoy flying with him. In fact half the reports he hears on stuff that goes on he corrects, or tries to when he’s on to hear about it. Such as a corpmember/alliance or FC over stepping their bounds.

We’re Established: Our Alliance is well established with 500+ members, and Blue to Atlas. When I browse all the recruitment channels in the eve forums, I’m mostly bombarded with “Newly formed 0.0 alliance looking for new members”. Recruiting channel is full of spam. We’ve got jump bridge networks and stations, Our corp has never known empire space, Never lived there nor does any missions, not many offer that, at least not in public recruiting channels. Besides nullsec we have lived in a C5 wormhole.

We’re Mostly “have fun”: Our corp/Alliance is true nullsec, we PVP, but we’re allowed to rat and mine all we want. There’s no begging for isk donations, and no “DO NOT RAT” drama in Alliance. Rich corp mates means: we have ships to blow up, and ships to go blow shit up. It also means we’ve got dreads, rorqs, carriers, super caps to throw around. I alone make 2-3bill isk /mo, and I’m considered one of the poor guys in alliance. Times this by 500 members and you can see how we succeed when we come together to fight.

I guess these are the things keeping me here. Other corps I’ve looked into sound money hungry “Join us, be prepared to donate isk, ships, assets to corp”, or power-hungry “Do as I command”. Our Alliance’s rule of “do what you want” has worked well for us, without a CEO begging for money. Each member having money has resulted in us having better fleets and better ships due to us not being broke due to taxes and hungry Alliance spending.

Things keeping me from finding a new corp, through public recruiting channels:

New/Small 0.0 Corps:  As mentioned above, most adverts I see in forums say they are new, moving TO, or are looking for 0.0 players to join. Most mention “access to L4 missions”. When I come across “L4” or the word “missions” in an advertisement for joining a corp, I close the page and go back to the forums. I live in nullsec, I intend to find another 0.0 corp, with NO interest in highsec. I want all the members to be in null, MAYBE lowsec (amateur to me).

Lack Of Blue Status, Accurate Diplomatic Status: This may give intel away, which might be why most corps don’t include a detailed report on this, but it’s my main study in a new corporation: I want a list of your blue’s, who you run with, who’s around your space. Are you friendly? Do you do joint ops with surrounding Blues, or are you 0 blues and pure “lets kill everyone around us”? What is your current diplomatic status with those around you, and how well do you get along with them? Do your blue’s, and/or who you rent from see you as a valuable asset to their cause, or are you in bickorings on “why is your corp even in our system?”.

Even in hard times with PL invading us and the fight on our side (SC) fighting the invading NC, many blues have left other SC alliances to join our alliance, Others have come to help us out of gratitude to keep us around. They view us as a valuable member, and want us around.

The reasons above are what have kept me in, and kept me from leaving our corp for another corp. Maybe I’m thinking too high, maybe I’m too strict, and too paranoid from nullsec living to make a choice with those restricted terms. But I know there has to be some good, well-established, ZERO highsec/lowsec corps out there.

I suppose I should post some kind of resume on here, here is a collective list on my skills, and experience:

4 Alts. Main char: 19.9mill SP, Orca Alt: 10mill SP. +two misc. new alts with 2-4mill Sp specializing in Shield Tank & Probing.

1Yr. wormhole 23/7 dweller.

1Yr. Nullsec Dweller, full-time

Zero highsec experience or interest in “missioning”.

Amarr Specialist. I do one thing greatly, instead of running 4 races/tasks poorly.

Amarr Battleship V, Cruisers V, Frigates V, Recons IV, HAC IV, Legion Pilot, Experienced scanner, Recon, Scout Pilot. Full T2 Large Energy Pulse/Beam specialist, Drone Interfacing V, Amarr Archon Pilot 28 days.

Small-Large Gang experience.

Freighter Pilot

Orca Pilot/w Hulk. Leadership V, and mining Director III

Knowledge of Nullsec Sov. structure and logistics including ratting/mining/production sites, and able to pin them down. Also very experienced in wormhole scanning for the use of getting Alliance assets safely in/out of nullsec on a regular basis. I rat to make money, but I’m always ready for PVP and participate in all ops, mining or PVP due to my Orca training which makes me an able miner if need be, while maintaining a PVP attitude.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Current Dilemma & Options”

  1. My search has led me to 2 nullsec corps, which have been in existence for 5+ years. Now the choice is to be made: Who to choose! Both run with IT, another claims to have blue with them, and a full list of other high-end blue status…. hmmm.

  2. I think it’s always best to take your time when choosing corps. Spend time in their public channel, and if you can, go on a roam with them as well so you can get to know them.
    It pays off to be picky and find people that you really feel comfortable with.

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