It’s Crunch Time!

The moment I’ve been waiting for, and the moment I’ve somewhat dreaded due to costs has arrived: Being 28 days from my Amarr Archon, Almost all prereq skills have finished, The remaining one? Capital Ships, and Amarr Carrier skillbooks. Coming in 10 days I plug in the Capital Ships book, and about 2 days later the Amarr Carrier skillbook! I can’t wait to finally be one of the many in alliance ratting around in their carriers. Since the capital book costs 360,000,000.00 ISK, and then 2 days later I’ll need the Amarr Skill book for 460,000,000.00 more isk I sold my Orca (sigh) to get the first book. Next comes trying to save up the isk for the carrier book. Normally our corp offers assistance with new capital pilots, so maybe I’ll get lucky and get some help. The next obvious cost is the ship itself.

It’s one of those things as I heard in alliance chat today, they were talking about Eve ISK making plateau’s: You first spend a long while in your little cruiser, trying to scrape up enough for that battlecruiser, when you finally get it: You double your income, and suddenly you’re making all kinds of isk. Just like buying a Marauder… Once you have it: You’re set! Same with a carrier, our Carrier pilots make gobs and gobs of money. I can’t wait to get on the same boat. Once this initial cost is behind me, it’ll be smooth sailing from then on. My carrier will likely be built in nullsec by an alliance member, hopefully soon and will have it within a month or hopefully less. If I somehow get some income coming through: I’ll buy plex’s to pay for it.

It’s tough not having a job, and basically I’m ratting to keep myself involved in Eve until I find work again. This makes my time spent in Eve, and my income even more crucial.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 15, 2010.

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