Prepairing to move

It’s that time again, I am a week from relocating back to Arizona. I have lived there for 28 years before moving here temporary in Simpsonville, south Carolina. Prior to moving here I had only seen my aunt and uncle, as well as one cousin for a few years while they live in az, I hadn’t seen them for over 15yrs since then. I came to SC initially for a 1month visit. the visit changed to a 1.3 yr stay. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, I love LOVE the rainy weather and greenery, something we don’t have in az. However due to many factors I am returning home. I’m sad and excited at the same time. My immediate family is in az as is my mom, who is anxiously waiting for me, lol.
I haven’t spent too much time in eve as it doesn’t seem right playing an mmo rather than spending time with family here who I may not see again for quite a while. Mom and I are planning to once again open up our own business as we had before and have 3 other employees in the family who will work under us.
Hopefully I can ship what little stuff I have here and have my pc back home shortly and resume eve a bit more. I move on the 27th, and will arrive home in az the 29th. Things are looking good, and who knows what the future will hold.


~ by katsumi1980 on August 21, 2010.

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