Time For A Break

After taking a bit of time off of Eve after moving back home to Arizona I’ve found it hard to get back into Eve. This is largely due to the fact we had a good fight with PL, and lost many of our nullsec members seeing them go to highsec, or leave alliance until things cool down. This left our systems military index’s drop dramatically. As griefing is one thing heavily SMILED upon in Eve I suppose it’s just part of the game, ah well. Honestly: I will quite before I ever go to highsec or lowsec. And in fact I’m debating about doing that, This as I come within 8 days of finishing my carrier training. I don’t have the funds to fuel my 3 accounts and they are expiring in Sep. My 4th account (main) expires in 8 days. Though I have the funds to pay for it via cash, I may spend it elsewhere and simply let it expire and return to eve at a later date. It’s been fun, but the PL wars were taxing. Things in the alliance are slowly returning to normal. Back to some good news though: As I am now around 8 days or so from a carrier, my alt began training for Cyno skills, both should finish around the same time as my main gets her carrier and the alt gets cyno skills. If I do take a break: it’ll be something to REALLY look forward to: hoping inside a carrier and beginning my life as a capital pilot, something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while.


~ by katsumi1980 on September 10, 2010.

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