First Long-Term Goal Accomplished

The day has finally come for my main: She can now sit in an Amarr Carrier! For me this is big… I am usually quite impatient, and my time in Eve has been spent with little ‘dedicated’ training time. I’m as fickle as they come, but after gritting my teeth and staying on course I have finally acquired all the skills necessary to fly the ship I’ve wanted since I joined Eve Online almost 2 years ago: The Amarr Archon! A carrier has been my long-term goal since as long as I can remember. Before joining Eve Online and being a typical space-based RTS game fan and etc. I have always liked the ships that were carrier-like in nature, esp in some of the games such as Sins Of A Solar Empire. Upon getting into Eve Online and finding out I can actually pilot a Carrier, I wanted it so bad! The training took quite some time, but it was worth it. Both for the ship itself and the “requirements” which were of use by themselves. Such as Navigation V, Science V, Drone Interfacing V, Leadership V to mention a few. One thing I have learned along the path of my main char in Eve it’s this: The ships of Eve Online are great, but with T2 ships of all sizes you get an additional benefit that you should take into consideration: Each T2 ship will take your skills to a new level. Even if you don’t care for the ships themselves, I’d recommend at least training the prereqs just for their benefits. Skills such as Electronics V, Engineering V, Signature Analysis V, Long Range Targeting and etc will help you out no matter what you do. Same goes for industrial pilots, Hulk>Orca>rorq training will get you a good bunch of secondary skills aside from the ships themselves.

Anyways: I’m glad I finally managed to stay on path for my training and get my dream ship! Now comes the long, long path to perfect the Capital Support skills such as capital RR (which will be a big part of my life as a carrier pilot), then perhaps Triage. I myself love the idea of a Triage Carrier… But my corp and alliance says they are the worst possible use for a carrier period… While I disagree, I know us and how we operate… I doubt I’d ever get any support during PVP. And a lone triage carrier in PVP is quite useless. They have, however, stated a need for more mother ships. I could fly an Aeon in 3 days, so I’m going for it! The fighter-bombers themselves are 90 days away. Once I finish up my amarr skills with the remaining ships I cannot fly: Marauder, and Dreadnought: it will finally be time for my main to branch out into another race. Though I still love Amarr and will likely keep flying them just because I like ’em. It’s been a pain sometimes as corp mates and alliance ask now and then for specific ships, or want me to use different guns or simply don’t like Amarr. But I’m glad I’m sticking to it, I’d rather be good with 1 race, really good… Than be mediocre with several.


So I’ve learned that because of my Carrier training Katsumi is also ready to pilot a Dreadnought. it’ll be my next training project since all I need to do is inject the skill book. Dreads and carriers are in very high demand in the alliance atm.


~ by katsumi1980 on September 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “First Long-Term Goal Accomplished”

  1. Congrats. I love my Archon. Makes moving stuff very easy and acts as a good base.

    I’ve yet to use my in PVP though. lol. It’s all equiped and ready to go, but have not been part of a fleet that requires the use of one.

    • Thanks! Yeah the ability to jump goods in and out is another thing I am really looking forward to. In PVP I’ll have to be very careful… Most likely I’ll help via assigning fighters. heh.

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