What LOTRO Says About Buying Gold

Since it’s going “Free to play” I signed up for a Lord Of The Ring Online account to mess around with for a bit. At the sign in screen they’ve got some news, the part warning against buying in game currency for real cash made me laugh:

“All That Glitters Is Not Gold…

Sep 28, 2009 04:00 EST
Especially in-game gold bought for real money! This is a friendly reminder to our players that buying gold for real money is not only against the EULA, but can put your account at risk for hacking or banning. Buying gold causes game imbalance, damages the economy, and contributes to the amount of spam in chat, tells, and mail. In extreme cases it’s even been known to cause increased hair loss, global warming, and the extinction of at least 2 species of insects every day. Don’t buy gold!”
haha! Sorry for posting two blog posts in 1 day, but that just made me laugh. Damn global warming!

~ by katsumi1980 on September 17, 2010.

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