Time to take a much wanted break

It seems as though ever since my move back home I have never fully gotten back into Eve Online. For some reason my dedication ran dry along the way. I had reached my long-time Eve goal of becoming an Amarr Specialist, everything armor, everything lasers… Up to Dreadnought and Carrier/Super-Carrier ability. Katsumi can fly the Aeon, revelation, and Archon’s. It’s been great fun, and making billions a month was fantastic, having 4 accounts was insane and pretty hard-core for me. Still, ever since actually getting those ships: I’ve found myself not wanting to log in, nor go out ratting in nullsec, or PVP. Highsec makes me cry… So many carebear’s and not nearly the amount of isk floating around. For about a month i’m going to let my Eve account expire completely. That means no training or anything. I’m going to renew my Aion Online account instead and enjoy some good oldfashioned crafting and grinding to level up while enjoying the beautiful world that is Aion.

This will be a temporary move just for the month, and perhaps i’ll be able to renew Eve sooner. My main goal is to save up and buy FFXIV and begin playing that. The only thing that scares me about it is I didn’t like FFXI one bit. It was too hard to get the hang of for me, and most of all: the graphics were by far dated. I am the kind of person  I need to have some visual inspiration. I don’t care what people say: I love beautiful games, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. People’s excuses about graphics get old to me, to a point the “you don’t need great graphics to make a great game” is true, but only to a point. I don’t think anyone can honestly say they wouldn’t mind better graphics in a lot of our MMO games.

Welp, the break will be nice, I like grinding and I LOVE crafting. Crafting in Eve is do-able via mining and BPO’s, but to me is a lot more work than MOST other MMO’s I’ve played. My biggest reason for my break in Eve is it’s players. I find the community to be among the harshest of any other MMO around. Most are unfriendly, almost all are untrustworthy, and a large chunk are “elitist”. Every MMO has good people and bad, nice people and snobby, but from Rappelz, Silk Road Online, Guild Wars, Vanguard: Saga Of Heros, WoW, Aion Online, and Priston Tale 2 Eve seems to be filled more with unfriendly and unlikable communities than the others.

There’s also the pressing pressure of nullsec and re-building my inventory in Eve that’s taken it’s toll on me. Anyways: I’m looking forward to getting back into Aion Online, and having some fun.


~ by katsumi1980 on October 19, 2010.

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