New Adventures

So I finally picked up my own copy of Final Fantasy XIV. My new MMO of choice for a bit while I give Eve Online a break. My initial yurning for Aion Online was put on hold for a tad while I try something completely new. I think Aion is still my favorite, though FFXIV is GREAT! I find myself liking it a lot, I love crafting and I like that the game pushes players to be more active in it. It’s also cool knowing “hey, I built most of what my character is wearing/using”. It’s probably opposite from what most other gamers think. Aion is another game where I found crafting to be LOTS of fun, in fact I find it to be the MOST fun of any other MMO I’ve ever player to this day. I LOVE the detailed graphics, the main quest is fun and entertaining (of which I’ve already finished the first half), exploring the world as you’re kind of forced to do is also kind of cool. I come from Eve Online, which is known for having the harshest environment and community around, and intensely complicated. I think this helped me from all the bullshit “Why won’t this game hold my hand with pretty elves and unicorns to help do all the work for me???” attitude a lot of MMO players are used to.


It’s nice, and something I find refreshing. I don’t jump on the bandwagon with other players. If the community says they hate it, I don’t follow suite, if they say they like it: I don’t follow, I ONLY decide if I do or don’t like something after I myself give it a go and see how I MYSELF feel about it. And honestly: I see nothing wrong with FFXIV. More to come later!


~ by katsumi1980 on October 22, 2010.

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