First Days In FFXIV

It has been a couple days now since I started up my life in FFXIV, a bit squeamish and worried. Mainly because I didn’t care for 11, and from what I hear on reviews. However, what I have found once logged in is quite different from what I read. The claims of “being thrown into a complex world” was laid to rest immediately via an NPC into who told me about the world and showed me the basic path. From there I clicked another npc who told me all about LeveQuests. Which lead me to another area and a complete story all about attributes, stats, and where to head for various jobs.
This leads me to believe most reviews were based on Beta testing and not actual playing after Final Fantasy XIV. As with ANY MMO, do not judge a MMO by it’s beta, online games change, they can change a LOT even week by week if needed. Aion Online is a shining example of excellence and how it’s dev team adapted and molded it based off of feedback. I joined Aion from Closed Beta 1 to opening day, deva talked with us every week.
Hopefully FFXIV will adapt as well, of all games MMO are almost always filled with troubles when first released.

With the in game tutorials and information gathered at Aetheryte stones, simply click one and hit the adventurers section for a wealth of info. Crafting in this game is a BIG part of things, I can see it being a large part in FFXIV, to top it off: I find crafting to be a lot of fun as well. So if you’re interested at all in this game, I say pick it up! Don’t listen to all the whining and beta feedback, this game is great and ppl just like to complain, you get 30 free days to check it out. As for my experience: I’m having loads of fun, an auction house would be a luxury but it’s far from a make or break issue to me. There is also a fantastic site called: Fantaji which is a social networking site dedicated to us FFXIV fans, I’d highly recommend joining them! You can use the site to search for Twitter & facebook fans who are connected as well.


~ by katsumi1980 on October 26, 2010.

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