Something New To Me

They say good things can sometimes come from bad things. I never thought one of those things would be LAG. More specifically: UI lag, the kind in FFXIV. Currently I have gametime logged in Eve Online, WoW, Priston Tale 2, Silk Road Online, Rappelz, 9 Dragons, just to name a few. Out of all those, some offering “Macro”‘s, I’ve never bothered to learn to use them. I didn’t really understand the reason to put all that effort into learning them and setting them up, until today. Crafting is a big part of FFXIV, not just one type, but often several types. The delay between clicking an icon on the UI and when the menu actually pops up drove me insane. I knew macros could probably speed things up for me, so I ventured out on google and keyworded: “FFXIV Macro Tutorial” and “FFXIV Macro Command List”. This resulted in finding some great little codes for me to use. Mainly quick class changing! I also configured my macros to re-configure my action bars at the same time. I have around 10 so far, and I’ll probably make more later.

I now finally see why these things help so much: They make moving around incredibly easy and changing gear efficient. I kind of wish I had gotten into macro use earlier, but thanks to my frustration in Final Fantasy XIV’s Ui lag: I’ve finally gotten used to them, lol. Even if there were no lag I now see how they can help out a lot. So far I have macros for 4 field craft changes, and two combat. I am a lvl 13 conj atm. I also have hand-to-hand at level 6, and level 4 Thaum. These help with two macros: One for pure DPS with my main Conj. skills, the other as a healer/buffer which draws skills from the hand to hand skills, Thaum and Conj to cast heal over times, stone skin, shock spikes and etc.

I spent  a good chunk of time logged in today and even joined a LS. Though I’m not sure how long I’ll stay active in it. I’ve found it much more appealing for me to just solo and find misc. groups to group up with time to time. I don’t like the stress of being unable to play because you’ve always got to do things with your guild. But we’ll see, so far they’re a great bunch. Some even play Eve Online, which I find amazing. heh.


~ by katsumi1980 on October 29, 2010.

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