A Brief Return To Eve Online

So today I receive an e-mail from CCP: They’ve got yet another special going on. I’ve kind of expected this, in fact I’ve sort of counted on it! I’ve been re-activated for a free 5 days return. They have also offered 60-days renewal price of only $19.95. I just might take it. While I am LOVING FFXIV, I still missed Eve Online a lot. The first thing I did when I logged in for the first time in a while, was simply sit and enjoy being back in eve, back in my Abaddon. The graphics, the music, and the interface of Eve Online were a sight for sore eyes. Responsive interface, virtually no lag, this is the Eve Online I fell in love with. Though I have not had the funds to keep up my account, I’ve had the sound track playing at home almost constantly, yes the Eve junkie continued to live inside me. I do truely love Eve Online, though I am contiplating going solo upon my full return, I am not quite sure though. As I lived for capital warfare and pos bashing, something there is nothing of in highsec, well… At least no capital warfare.


As for FFXIV: Katsumi Takahashi continue’s to level up well and make great progress. She is now Conjurer level 16 and got her newest spells: Protect, and Shell! Both are extremely helpful and are boosting her ratting abilities by far. On top of that she’s been leveling up in Carpentry, Mining, Weaver, Blacksmith, Botany, and Gold smithing quite well. I seem to enjoy mining the most atm. But weaving and carpentry compliment the Conjurer well with the ability to make her staffs & clothes. Goldsmith helps me repair various things, as does blacksmithing, plus they’re just fun! I continue to have a lot of fun in FFXIV, and have made more friends at Fantaji.com


~ by katsumi1980 on November 8, 2010.

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