Bad Media

So after reading yet another horrid review on FFXIV I just cannot help but to complain…. I LOVE Final Fantasy XIV, to me it’s quiet the fun game… All the bad reviews and media out there almost make me feel guilty for enjoying the game. As if I’m not supposed to be having as much fun as I am. I see this as a similar thing as: The relationship between a celebrity (Say a close, personal friend, or their family) and the relationship between that person and the media, when the media is attacking them. To the friend or family of the celebrity: the person remains the same and a good person (Assuming the media is just hyping everything up, and their accusations are not true). We all know how media can DEMONIZE someone or some thing, bringing their images to ashes in the public eye.

This is what I believe is being done to FFXIV, and IT NEEDS TO STOP! For crist’s sake! All this bad attention… Yet when I log in, I see nothing wrong… Sure there are touch-ups here and there, there is a LOT of UI lag… Every MMO has it’s issues, and newly released MMO’s are almost always released un-finished or with quite a number of bugs. Yet when I talk in-game to FFXIV players, none complain, most are having such a great time. It’s a joyous experience with other players and getting lost in FFXIV’s vast world, fantastic story-line and my favorite: Crafting! Yet the media talks about this game as if it shouldn’t even exist. The media, and the players portray this as two completely different games.

Review sites are being totally unfair to this game and ruining it, it’s not the game that’s bad: it’s the media and their hunt to bring this game down that is giving  FFXIV a bad name. For those of us who enjoy it: We’re here to stay, and we’ll have all the fun we want, even if you, the gaming media says we aren’t allowed to have fun. Take it from me, if you want to know the trueth, log in or go We will all tell you the same thing: How much we enjoy playing, and all that SE has to offer already in this new MMO. All  MMO’s out there will tell you a small list of things they’d improve, it’s the nature of MMO’s. NOT just FFXIV, lets stop the complaining and enjoy the game. Over time SE will get things straight.


~ by katsumi1980 on November 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bad Media”

  1. I agree that some reviews have been overly harsh, and some sites in particular – *cough* Sankaku Complex *cough* – would no doubt revel in FFXIV’s demise (and are seemingly seeking to make it happen. u_u)

    However, I’m enjoying the game, safe in the knowledge that fixes are on the way later this month. I’ve also no doubt that FFXIV will mature into a fantastic game with the release of the first expansion and beyond.

    So don’t feel bad about enjoying the game, mon chou~ All the cool kids will pretend they’ve been friends with FFXIV from the beginning once it matures in to the game it promises to be. ^_^

    Lorelai x

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s so early in it’s release. I remember after the beta when Aion went live they were BOMBARDED with lag. The rubber-band effect was horrible. It took them a few weeks to fully fix it, and balance out the servers. Finally it was fixed. The same will happen with the quarks in FFXIV, it takes time. I absolutely agree with you: XIV will mature into one beautiful game and improve on what we already enjoy. Besides: An up side to the UI lag? I learned to use Macro’s for the first time in any MMO’s, lol. Now I use the menu’s as little as possible.

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