“Your Account Has Been Re-Activated”

So, My Orca alt has taken the bait, and re-activated her account. I’m glad to get a chance at seeing the new expansion when it’s released. I renewed my mining/orca alt for one reason: I’ve never been fully dedicated to mining before, and she is also venturing into getting all the trading certs. This will force me to get more into the mining side and explore it a bit more. With good trading skills, how much isk can I make? Will I end up making as much isk as some people claim to be making? ISK going into the billions of isk? Currently I’d be happy with a mere 20mill/hour turn over. or 20mill/day I suppose. I’m used to nullsec and I believe this plays a big roll on how I look at things in Eve Online. I’ve never really known highsec as a place to play, I’ve spent well over 90% of my time in nullsec. Including markets. So when someone says to me “I can make an easy 10mill/hr running missions” or “I make around 40-60mill/hr running L4’s”, the first mention makes me laugh… 10mill? That’s like 3-4 rats for me!!! 40-60mill/hour isn’t bad, that’s maybe 1  & 1/2 haven or so. However, I got tired of doing what I was doing a while back, which is why I ended up letting Eve go (Even though the eve sound track which I bought at Itunes continued to play on my home stereo the entire time :-p). I am now debating to give highsec a try. The biggest issue I had was being constantly limited to having time doing things because of reds in systems, and wars/etc. The idea of making less income per run, but being able to be free to mine/rat anytime/any where in highsec sounds appealing. Granted: You still have to use common sense and be smart, there are suicide gankers: but you’re talking to an old nullsec/wormhole vet here, I’m not that gullible to ganks.

So where to go now? My starter goal is to see how quickly I can earn that first plex before my 60 days are up, via trading and mining. Mining to make the initial investment money, and trading to help turn it into a large lump sum of ISK.


~ by katsumi1980 on November 20, 2010.

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