Silent Treatment

Not much has been posted lately, actually: nothing significant has been posted in quite some time… As I get a little money here and there I’ve remained mostly offline. I’ve logged onto 3 or 4 accounts quietly updating skill que’s and skimming through Evemail. Hell: I haven’t even put any of them into ships or left stations. Anyways: Through my 3 alts I’ve made some small stepping-stones that I can thank to them being atls, otherwise they’d be like my main: too busy training core skills to get where I want RIGHT NOW in other areas. Here’s just a small list of each alt’s new abilities:

First Alt:

Gained Cov Ops+Cov Ops cloaking skills completed. Also expertly trained in RR abilities of Armor and Shield, as well as great armor and decent shield skills for her own ship. Almost maxed in basic Drone’s up to T2 small-medium sized along with Drone Nav V, and others to V that weren’t too long in training. Logistics & Cyno pilot.

Second Alt:

PURE Probes skill. No ships skills except Cloaking. LOL. Since her job is to hunt for my 3 other accounts: She’s going insane maxing out ALL probing related skills to V. The current and longest being Astrometrics V and Rangfinding V. Around 90 days or so to do both. Currently at IV, and all others at IV as well except pinpointing which is V. Cov Ops ship+cloak aquired. Cyno Pilot. No guns, no ECM atm, she’s focusing on Scanning+ sneaking skills atm. Also: basic Cyno pilot.

Third Alt:

Before she’s even trained to anything higher than a frigate she’s aquired:

Electronic Warfare V

Frequency Modulation V

Long Distance Jamming IV

Signal Dispurtion V

Electronic Superiority Rigging IV

This alt is also my ONLY caldari Pilot. As I do not like Caldari, personally: but heavily respect their Jamming ability! Finally got battleship skill high enough for a scrop as well. She also handled some sanctums very well with her good shield skills.

Alone none of these ships are really fit for battle per-se, but could assist a fleet. A new alt is a minmitar pilot going for guns, but she’s young and not up to speed. All my alts have been training off and on one active account at a time. It’s been LONG, and seemingly useless (Ecept for the Drone/RR pilot which could do some ratting I suppose)… But once I am back in Eve full-fledged: These gangs of alts along with my Super-cap+Fighter-bomber main could add-up to some really fun action, either solo or along with corpmates. My favorite aspect of alts is they accomplished very good skills at one job, more than I trained my main up because I wanted my carrier and other skills.

For a very short time my RR pilot helped my main in sanctums, which she proved very capable  of doing, being RR she also is solid as a rock when it comes to her own armor. Scanning with my scanner alt was a breeze and dream come true (made me wish my main had those skills that high when I was living in a wormhole!). Though I still can’t afford all 4 accounts just yet: I’m reaching that point, on top of their skills they all have covert-cloaking abilities to help them get around my home (in null) as well as basic Cyno (not great, but they can open one up).

My next goal for Katsumi will be full black ops with the covert cyno once I get some other stuff going, I suppose my main will always be cross-training in stuff… but hey: that’s what makes my very-specialized alts so fun!

While I’ve been quiet: I’ve still been silently training up a little private army. The next goal is: get the remaining 2 into bombers. Currently I have 2, but my goal is to reach all 4 into bomber stages to have some solo fun as well. I feel I’ve slowly made a small fleet-capable group of alts to go with my main. Now: I just have to get them all back online as the last remaining alt’s account expired last week and get all 4 pilots back online for some tryouts and have some fun!


~ by katsumi1980 on March 11, 2011.

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