Katsumi Returns To Her Roots

Today Katsumi enters stasis, to quite the nullsec games for the foreseeable future. I am returning to what was my passion: W-Space living and exploration. I have never truely intended to live in nullsec, it just sort of went that way in my past corps. My first corp I joined solely for w-space moved to null. I then went into another corp who had a mostly dead wormhole corp in alliance, so I got stationed in null. It has been fun, and wielded many experiences, but SOV wars can get old… really old. I’ve put in an application for a C6 w-space corp looking for dreads/carrier pilots, better yet: They’re armor based, which fits my pure armor training and capital remote RR skills to good use! More coming later as I get moved in (Should my application be accepted.).


~ by katsumi1980 on June 18, 2011.

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