Update On New Corp

A few days ago I stated that Katsumi was returning to her roots in W-space with the hopes of a C6 home. The main corp I had in mind wanted a bit more cap. skills than I currently had, and was a bit too pvp oriented. I did, however, find a great little corp living in a C4 with static C3 who still gets quite a bit of daily PVP. These people are easy going and relaxed, but still have a thirst for PVP. It’s actually a nice balance for me, as I like PVP but it’s far from my main focus. They’ve got a great mix of armor and shield boats here as well. The last 4-5 days have been a lot of fun running sites and getting kills in kspace. I’m still quite broke from my nullsec life, but slowly working my way up! The new corp is EU based, which is a little concerning at the moment, as they’re usually on around noonish, which is their peek, and my busy time. Still: I’ve gotten a few good hours during the weekdays with them, and almost constantly on during the weekends. For me: work is when most people are sleeping/offline, and I’m up mostly in the mornings and day (I’m US  TZ). It seems to be working so far.

It’s good to take a break from the nullsec games for a bit. They sure do take a toll on a person! I’m still mildly looking for a C5-C6 corp. if one comes along, and is an experienced corp who knows what they’re doing, I will probably switch, but for now I’m staying here. Great guys, organized and experienced FC’s/Fleets, laid back PVE and good PVP. I still believe W-space is just right for me, as it offers everything nullsec can bring without the same old hotdrop game many experience in null.

We’ve been flying throuh C3 sites like crazy (usually around 30-40 minutes per wormhole!). We salvage/loot all sites and combats, close the wormhole and move right into the next c3 quickly. Once a week we do the C4, including gas. Should be good money! Moving back to kspace means my training has once again taken a slight detour in skills, raising scanning a bit more, and upping a little shield skills. Though I will remain primarly armor tanked, which is great considering how many other armor boats we have. Feels good to be back home!


~ by katsumi1980 on June 24, 2011.

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