It started with 100mill & a free gift

I will start off by first telling a short story on how my new adventure began:

Soon a after The new Eveonline, Crucible expansion came out I started out with a simple free 5 days welcome back gift, and was very exited to see the new features and improvements. Someone was so generous to give me an etc (eve time code), I was overwhelmed with joy to be able to return to Eve for a while!

The first place I visit is the recruiting forums and the dreaded recruiting channel… Off of one advertisement for a large wormhole corp I found myself talking with some new friends when some guy randomly says he’s alone in his hole and wants to leave out of fear of being invaded by large corps who would see a lone pilot with a small POS. I mention my past experience with k-space, we start a private convo and agree to go out and run his home sites. Both total strangers only 10 minutes prior. He’s reluctant to share the location of his home and I leave my billion isk ship behind and take a throw away drake to run sites with.  We ended up partnering up, and now co-own our own new wormhole system with pos and have a great amount of isk coming up.

We’re now growing quickly, averaging 80-200mill/day. 9 days later and I have already plex’d my account twice and reactivated a third heavy industry pilot!

All this starting from a generious gift followed by a completely random encounter between two capsuleers. It’s amazing what can happen in Eve sometimes!

Now onto some personal thoughts on the world of Eve tutorials and typical advice most tell the new players of Eve:

I have always read and heard that you needed a lot of isk to make a living in wormhole space,one such guide on the Eve forums goes as far as to say 1bill isk to get started, let me tell you this: our small pos started with just a little over 100mill, my partner is around 2mo old. Basically only flies a drake, I have 28mill sp.

Now over time we have put a few hundred isk back into our pos and defenses. I’m tired of these guides out there constantly over-stating what people “need”, and what they “should have” to get started in Eve.

The guides may be right: 1bill or even 500 mill would make for an ideal setup, but it’s far from manditory.

Another issue are these “must” have level v skills. My friend is around 2mo. Old and under 3mill
Sp and he does most the pos work and had his operation going before I came.

I had always avoided creating a pos in the past because I’m always told to get starbase defense to iv or v, and had always been told all these things about skills and money, it’s just not true. This experience has totally changed my out look on Eve and starting my own operation.

My friend has learned a bit more over time and we’re expanding our operation, even brokering wormholes now. Quite a way to return to Eve online!

Starting any venture in Eve is risky, it’s a roll of the dice. We could have been invaded and died horribly in our first day, or made some noob mistake and gotten locked out… But risks can yield great rewards.

A little investmentand motivation can go a long way, even for new pilots. Of course I never did take my expensive ships and mods into my new friends pos, nor ever logged out in the ratting ship I brought along, always be aware your new friend could get greedy, or close a trap on you at any point, but playing smart, and being aware you can make a lot of isk with little investment.

What I learned from this little adventure is: don’t let being new discourage you from trying something in eve, or talk about large amounts of isk stop you from even trying. You never know how it could work out!


~ by katsumi1980 on January 25, 2012.

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