Welcome To Katsumi1980’s Eve Online & General Gaming Blog!

After some thought, I’ve decided to write about my adventures in Eve Online, and other MMO’s. What you will find here is the story and adventures of your average Eve Online player. I am not a writer, nor a Developer of Eve. I do not belong to a massive alliance pushing out groups of Titans demolishing everything in the system. But rather just a humble, casual player. I feel that this may appeal to those players out there who don’t have the time, or cash to have multiple account, or who simply play in their spare time.

My blogs are a little more personal, and for the casual player instead of the diehard players out there. Therefore those who are playing for fun may find it more appealing than reading those blogs out there who tell you “Just open up 4 accounts, and get a few billion isk”. This is a blog for fellow avg. users.

I currently live in Nullsec with a corp of over 120+ members, who hold blue status to over 450+ people. This is the story of my character converting from a 3 year carebear, into a nullsec lifestyle. I live life in Eve with no attitude. I have no hate towards noobs, Nor do I even like the term “Noob”. This is a friendly, no flaming blog. I am a happy-go-lucky type of person, and I play for fun. No drama, no flaming, never too serious. Just laid back player as a hobby.
I hope you enjoy my adventures, general tips and suggestions, and random babblings. Feel free to write comments asking questions, or suggestions you may have for me. I can be found in eve under Katsumi1980.

–UPDATE April 5th, 2010—

I am keeping a list of casual blogs as well as the more popular blogs on the blogpack, casual blogs of all levels are listed. These are Blogs of the many players of Eve Online who simply enjoy the game and blog about their activities. Many may not have 10 accounts or making massive amounts of money, or belong to Corporations everyone knows about. We’re the little guys who just play as a hobby and to have fun, and like to blog. There aren’t any manditory rules such as every-day blogging, or “eve only” blogs, though I do suggest over 80% of your blog feature Eve experiences.


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