Ratting In Nullsec: A Guide To Making Money

This is my original post in our Corporation Forums, and I thought it would be good to share with everyone out there:

So tonight I did some researching and posting in forums asking people if they had a complete list of every possible site in nullsec. Since I’m more active now ratting than I was in DY, i’ve been noting which ones i can solo, and which ones need help.

I know the formula goes:
easiest:{Faction name}(E.G. Serpentis, Angel, whatever) {Site} (Den, rally point, whatever).
Easy: {Faction}{Hidden}{Site Name}
Medium: {Faction}{Forsaken}{Site Name}
Hard: {Faction}{Forlorn}{Site Name}

On specific sites: Faction{Hidden}{Site Name}, hidden versions are a step above Forsaken sites, and offer the most challenge.

If you’re new to nullsec or just didn’t pay attention to names like I did, there you go! So try the plain site with nothing infront of it first, if you breeze by it, try the forsaken version, then the forlorn. If the specific site has a hidden version those are hardest.

Also they can be scaled on a 10 point scale. Their specific order, from easiest to hardest are as listed bellow:

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Anomalies are ranked in difficulty by 10 levels, these are:

* (Faction) Burrow / Drone Collection (lowest)
* (Faction) Hideaway / Drone Cluster
* (Faction) Refuge / Drone Gathering
* (Faction) Den / Drone Gathering
* (Faction) Yard / Drone Surveillance
* (Faction) Rally Point / Drone Menagerie
* (Faction) Port / Drone Herd
* (Faction) Hub / Drone Squad
* (Faction) Haven / Drone Patrol
* (Faction) Sanctum / Drone Horde (hardest)

There are some forlorn and hidden ones but they are just slightly better versions of hubs and ports which are already not great for money, the main ones you want to do are haven and sanctum, for a haven you can expect about 26mill in bounties (+loot, salvage, chance of faction spawn) for sanctum you get about 36mil in bounties (+loot, salvage, chance of faction spawn) and if that escalates to 10/10 you can get 1-2bil off that if you are lucky with drops.

You can solo 6/10, 8/10 with the right ship (ishtar for guristas) but you need atleast 3 people to do 10/10 or similar ranked escalations with the right resists. (Guristas you can do with ishtar/munnin/phobos + logi + dps) because of the 160k em torp.

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Nice list, just adding that both havens can escalate to 10/10 just like sanctums and that hub’s can escalate into 8/10’s. combined with your post this is good info.


-Smallest to Largest Site
Burrow > Hideaway > Refuge > Rally Point > Den > Yard > Port > Hub > Haven > Sanctum

-Easiest to Hardest Site-
Hidden > Forsaken > Forlorn

nice n easy for ya… as for probing ones down? idhac

i do sanctums and havens with ease in my legion. just a side note.

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Here’s my original Eve Forum post:

http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1288343&page=1 0/ Katsumi


I used to ignore the Rally Points and etc. I see that a lot of people in OR seem to be doing the same these days, as I have been warping around and bm’ing all the results from the scan. Throughout the day and even the next day I go back to all the hubs and rallypoints and they’re still spawned in place. I had one escalate on me, and I am making a good amount of isk now, and amazing amounts once we get a wormhole, usually I get about 6km3 of salvage and loot by then (Depending on how often I login and actually rat), I’ve gone with a full load of about 12km3 before which netted me nearly 100mill extra. Instead of GSC’s, I invest in multiple industrial ships and logout with that ship when I log for the night (to prevent someone from swiping my full loot ship). This saves me from the clusterfuck of having 6 safespots with scattered GSC’s all over the place.

I got a Forlorn Rallypoint the other night which dropped 4 battleships and 3 cruisers right ontop of me right off the bat. No problems with DPS fitted Sacrilege and 1 energized adaptive II. Manage your cap and you’ll be fine. Another Rally Point (I THINK it was a hidden Rally Point) started off with dozens and dozens of frigates, unbelievable amounts… Just a note: They got me 1/2mill per wave. lol. So yeah… a LOT of frigs, and later they spawned as multiple cruisers (still around 78k bounties each). Laughable bounties, but there is a shitload of them. Last wave yielded the 4 battleships as the Forlorn did, only it was accompanied with multiple cruisers and 2-3 cruisers…

So don’t neglect these sites just because it is not the beloved Sancum or Haven, esp. if you’re new and don’t have great skills just yet, they’re all over the place, and add up quickly.I’ve been running only 1 site per login lately as I’m a bit worn out and I’m still averaging 10 mill per run. So with all those hubs, rallypoints, and dens out there, Just think about how much isk you COULD make solo-ing all those sites. The quoted income above is before turning in salvage and loot.


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