Why I Love W-Space

I’ve been thinking a lot on why I loved wormhole space, or w-space so much, here are some of the highlights:

    You are mostly undiscoverable while out and about
    Bountiful mining and sleeper wrecks to clean up
    HUGE profit possibilities
    No fights for sovereignty
    Unlimited access to T3 production and resources

In w-space the “local chat” works a lot like alliance chat. That is: there is no master list of everyone in the system. There is no way for you to know if anyone else is with you, or if invaders come there is no way for them to know you are there, except the use of your (or their) trusty directional scanner, which you’ll be making intimate friends with! MOST of the time you’re on your own with corpmates to hunt and mine at your leisure, it’s like your private little sector of nullsec.

It offers a heck of a lot of safety, and privacy while still holding nullsec rules: that is: shoot whoever you want and prey on who you want at will. I’ve lived in a Class 6 wormhole with my corporation for 5 months, and my corporation has lived there since their implication into Eve Online. Our home has a static C3 connection. Which means as soon as our C3 exit closes, another C3 spawns in a new, random area giving us a new route! Sometimes we’d get lucky and have a direct connection to highsec. LOOT TIME!!! Time to sell all your goodies! Re-arm, and refit!

Here are some of the highlights of Wormhole Living:

    1st: You learn to scan scan scan scan! You’ll be spending LOTS of time using your Probing skills. You’ll also learn to use that damn directional scanner constantly as well to make sure you’re alone. Since there’s no local if you do have unwelcomed guests, it can be slightly harder for them to see just how many of you there are, unless you open your big mouth and speak in local. But remember this door swings both ways!

    This will help you greatly if you ever move to nullsec, you’ll be nice and paranoid with both scanner probes, and make friends with your directional scanner. Always be on the lookout! You will already be in the habit of constantly checking for combat probes should you move to low or nullsec.

    2nd: Choosing to LIVE in a wormhole rather than just run out and find one whenever you want means you ALWAYS have resources to gather. Whether it be mining, or sleeper salvage.

    3rd: You will have developed good skills at watching your exits, in 0.0 this may translate into setting up proper gatecamp.

    4th: as mentioned you’ll be forced to obtain good use of scanning probes for scanning down sites, useful in any senerio.

    5th: Perhaps the biggest value: Fleet Commanding and Leadership. When taking on the most challenging C-6 (Class 6) wormholes, you will face enormous fleets and well-coordinated sleepers. You’ll need to manage your targets, utilize 4×4 or larger RR boats (Remote Repair battleships, with energy transfer arrays as well, or Remote Shield repair if you shield tank). You’ll obtain the basic setups for mass-fleet operations that you’d use in similar 0.0 operations such as pos bashing, or pos defense. And believe me, you’ll most likely have to defend your POS sooner or later in w-space.

    6th: You’ll be learning certain fittings similar to PVP ops in nullsec, since w-space is basically the same thing. However, you will not be using energy nuets, webbers, or ECM as they’re ineffective to sleepers. However, it will still teach you some basic PVP skills as you fit for sleepers as you do with PVP since they fire all damage types at random. There is ofcourse still the lack of fighting an actual living person. Your scouts and possibly PVP-hungry corp members will have plenty of time to gain experience setting up camps, watching over your crew and operations, and in general being alert at all times.

You’ll gain the sense of paranoia that can save your ass in any hostile enviroment from nullsec to highsec.

Now that I’ve covered some of the benefits, lets talk about the bad or cumbersome aspects (And there are PLENTY!). These are just a few that I can think of:

    1st: First off, LIVING in a wormhole requires constant scanning of exits and entrances. If in a C5 or C6 you’ll have connections to C3’s and from there possibly a connection to highsec, low, or nullsec. Aside from the connecting C3, these are random.

    2nd: You may go days without a connection to highsec, or without a good wormhole connection of a smaller size for your corpmates to go out and solo. A C6 wormhole will always connect to a C3. C1-2, and even C3’s can be solo’d by many of your new members, or ran in groups of 2’s, however. This makes it more fun for individuals to go out and have fun on their own.

    3rd: W-space living can be a logistical nightmare! Management of all crew, scanner crews, scout crews, PVP-ers, taking out hostel worms via entering-exiting until the unwanted exit/entrance closes, and management of all bookmarks and sites on a hourly basis, or every few hours. For example: if another C-6 opens up, or C5, it can lead to massive hostile fleets warping in, and you may want to close the hole to prevent this. OR: it may not. Heh, that’s the thing about w-space.

    Additionally: Closing wormholes may leave you stranded. Forcing you to sometimes scan your way out through a new exit if you happen to close the hole on the wrong end. All the scanning and bookmark management can take it’s toll if you only have a few members sharing the task, and it requires all those involved to be constantly logged in and active unless you have large numbers working together. This can take it’s toll on you and your members in due time.

    4th: You may or may not use any combination of any of the above at any given time, you may or may not receive any combination of the tactics or benefits of the list above. Example: You might run out of spawning sites at times, or you may not have to worry about PVP, maybe you’ll be alone for days, or perhaps you will find yourself busy keeping people out, or busy with new sites.

    5th: You may get stranded completely for hours or days without an exit back home. Someone always has to be in your home to keep track. You need multiple pilots at base at all times while other pilots are out selling and running personal errands.

    6th: You may have to wait a while to get all corps ships & mods home due to the mass of wormholes and the ships going through/exiting out. #5 & 6 just add even more of a logistical challenge.

#4 I believe is a benefit. You may go days, weeks without a single hostile in your system. Maybe you’ll get lucky and never have your pos undergo attack. Or maybe it’ll happen an hour after your shiney new pos goes up. You never know, therefore you learn to always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Maybe you’ll have invaders? Maybe you won’t!

All-in-all I believe W-space is well worth the effort and strengthens a corporation and alliance in discipline, skill, and coordination, if done correctly and with vigil.

I hope this tidbit of information helps you gather in a sense what it means to live in W-Space, as more and more corporations and alliances are learning of their vast and almost endless riches. Even individuals are going out for them now days! I’ve been told that a corp could live in w-space with only 20 (Very dedicated)pilots. The corp I’m a member of has over 200 members and over 200 alliance members. The larger the better, it is, however, also more of a challenge.

As with anything Eve-Related: There’s no one right way, or wrong and it’s always ever-changing.


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